stress-free hair

i can say now that i truly love my hair...but i haven't always felt this way about it. when i was younger, i was constantly teased for being a redhead and many people would unwelcomely touch my hair. i considered my hair a burden and hated sticking out in the crowd. but my hair shaped who i am today - fun fact: i wrote my college essay about being a redhead - and i'm so thankful for it.

give it a twirl

spring and dresses have become synonymous and when i am able to twirl in one of those spring dresses, they get immediate brownie points! this dress was just what i needed to truly get into the spring spirit and the "twirl" effect did not disappoint. although, i instantly fell in love with this dress, i seemed to struggle with how to accessorize it...more specifically, what shoes to wear! probably because i'm a little particular with the shoes worn with maxi dresses. when the hem is longer, there is no question that i wear a heel or wedge, but when the hem is just the right length for me, i freeze up.

red ruffles

i think we can all agree how excited i am for spring to finally be here! but a part of me couldn't quite let go of the winter. so i found a hybrid between a winter and a spring floral to create the comfiest of all dresses! and needless to say, the ruffles give me a little bit of that sass i look for in an outfit.

slide by

one of my favorite shoe trends of the fall season was the slide: simple and easy, yet stylish and chic. so i was incredibly happy to see slides were not going anywhere in 2017. the takeover of the gucci slide (and shoutout to those who got them with the fur!) was overwhelming and it seemed like everyone and their mother had a pair...or at least the steve madden lookalikes. this was probably why i was never able to bring myself to purchase a pair. but these "gala" slides from kate spade certainly got my attention. they were everything i wanted and more in a pair of shoes yet somehow i struggled to commit.

stripe a pose

say hello to trench coat weather! although i have officially broken out my lighter-weighted jackets, they still need some layering for those chilly spring morning and evenings. this striped turtleneck is the perfect pairing for almost all of my spring coats and i feel like i'm wearing a sweatshirt all day! ...without looking like i'm wearing one...because apparently sweatshirts aren't "office appropriate"

april flowers

april is here already!! that means we are one month closer to fall (hope you didn't think i was going to say summer). but until then, i be transitioning into spring with the best way i know how: layering! when i found this completely sheer dress with slits up to the waist, i knew i had to work a little bit of magic. i loved adding the all black ensemble underneath to make the stunning embellishments truly pop!

monumental fail

the purpose of my quick trip back to washington, dc was to revisit one of my favorite sights: the cherry blossoms! as i mentioned here, the weather was not optimal for the cherry blossoms to bloom but that didn't mean that was going to stop me from waking up before the crack of dawn and heading down to the tidal basin. throughout the years, i've always admired the jefferson memorial simply due to how stunning it looks peeking through the cherry blossoms. so with the blossoms still frozen solid, i was sure to spend some time at the jefferson memorial too in an effort to make it not a total monumental fail.


we had quite the blizzard a few weeks ago on the east coast, which put a little damper on my plans to visit the cherry blossoms in washington, dc. the blossoms were covered in a layer of ice causing a significant delay the peak days. but my train was booked and my friends were awaiting my arrival so there was no way i was about to reschedule! i went to plan b and simply visited some of my favorite locations in dc working with the incredibly talented laura metzler!

rain check

now i know this post technically should be named "snow check" but i think we can all agree this umbrella was just too cute to pass on! this transition to spring has definitely taken us on a whirlwind ride including some crazy temperature changes. two weeks ago we had a blizzard and now it is 65 degrees with half the day raining and the other half sunny. feel free to make up your mind mother nature!

purple rainbow

any time i am able to find an outfit to go with one of my favorite pairs of shoes, i get a little too excited. there is just something about a pair of rainbow heels that make a girl freak out! if you remember, i also wore these beauties here and here and would wear them every day if i could! i typically wear these ferragamo heels with a bright, solid-colored dress and knew this paper london dress was going to be the perfect mate!

in bloom

to say this winter has been brutal, would be an understatement. so i was ecstatic to see the weather in london was going to not be freezing...or as freezing as new york. so i took this opportunity to start bringing out my spring pieces, while still trying to make them winter-appropriate.

easy street

our time in london was short, but thankfully we were able to carve out a little time to hit up regent street for a little (and much needed) shopping! of course, we stopped at our favorite european-based stores like ted baker and zara, but the afternoon wouldn't have bee complete without a visit to the kate spade shop! duh!