think pink

so i'm finally getting a chance to post the incredible dress i wore to the reward style new york fashion week party from a few weeks back! it has definitely been a crazy month. 

when deciding what to wear for fashion week, i tried on a ton of dresses. with this being said, there are very few dresses out there that really make me say wow. and i mean really stop dead in my tracks, drop everything, and make me give the store all of my rent money (literally). if i had to come up with a dress that was a direct representation of my personality, this would be it, hands down. and by the way, the dress has pockets :) snaps to kate spade for creating such a perfect masterpiece.

i decided to be a little quirky with my shoes and necklace just to try something a little different while still staying within the overall theme of the dress. i paired the dress with the kate spade lillia heels from the 2014 february paris collection that had just a smidge of green in them to pair the green kate spade necklace. 

it sometimes astonishes me how often i wear kate spade - and yes, i worked there for two and a half years, but i sometimes think my addiction is a little excessive...but then again, kate keeps bringing out adorable clothes (like this dress which i just ordered) so i just have to accept the fact i will forever be indebted to miss spade herself and i'm okay with that.

dress: kate spade
shoes: kate spade (old)
necklace: kate spade (old, similar here)
bracelet: cartier
bag: saint laurent
sunglasses: dior

lydia hudgens photography