have i told everyone yet that fall is my favorite season? ...didn't think so.

besides the fact that the fall is much cooler and i can bring out my scarves and jackets, fall is perfect because the colors go so well with my hair and skin. sometimes having red hair can be a little annoying - especially when people feel that the unique color is an invitation to touch it. when trying to pick out outfits, i have to constantly make sure the colors and prints don't clash with my hair but that is rarely the case during the fall with the plethora of warmer hues that coordinate so well with my complexion. 

fall makes everyone happy from the perfect colors to the anticipation that the holidays are right around the corner (and that means so much food) and this red kate spade skirt was a holiday essential for me last year. i avoid tights like the plague (unless i'm going to get frostbite) so after adding the cape and slipping on the leopard loafers, i was ready to take on the most perfect of all fall days.

cape: red valentino
top: j.crew (last seen here)
skirt: kate spade (old, similar here)
necklace: vintage chanel
ring: henri bendel
bag: celine
shoes: christian louboutin (old, similar here)
sunglasses: karen walker

all photos by laura metzler -- check out her website and instagram!!