gingham style

well that was a fast year! today, in case you don't know, is the official one year anniversary of prêt-à-provost!! phew! i made it...

for reference, this was my first post!

this year has been filled with so many amazing memories and experiences that will last me a lifetime and i've had the chance to meet some amazing people along the way!

this upcoming year i will be so excited to participate in some amazing events. for starters, the lovely happenings event on the 23rd of april because i will be speaking at it this year! whaat!? after attending the last event and seeing dana speak, the adorable co-founders asked me to be a part of their event this spring! umm immediately said yes. today is extra fun as well because i am taking over their instagram and snapchat // lhappenings

i will also be attending the blog societies conference the first week in august and i will hopefully get to attend the veuve polo classic again this year!

but in the meantime, i will enjoy spring so i can load up on the florals!

happy thursday!

dress: eliza j
shoes: christian louboutin
bag: madewell
hat: eugenia kim
bracelets: kate spade, cartier
sunglasses: fendi