provence // arles or rome

well my time in provence was just about coming to an end but we still had a few more cities on our to-do list. the next city we ventured into was arles. once arriving in arles we noticed two things: that this city had so much history, and so little parking. we began our exploration with lunch...because what else would you start with? we then went to the hôtel de ville to learn about what was underneath the city. yes, you read that correctly. there was an entire roman city just a few feet below arles and the remains were visible from the basement of the town hall. it truly felt as if we were in rome!

van gogh also lived in arles for about a year but mostly because this was where he was treated when he cut off his ear. after essentially stalking his paintings we headed to the amphitheater - a spitting image of the colosseum - built in 90 ad. the streets leading up to the amphitheater gave just a glimpse of the massive structure as it peaked over the row of houses.

upon arrival, we immediately headed up the flights of stairs to the top and the views were breathtaking. we could see for miles and the rhone river looked like it never ended.

my favorite part of the day, however, was heading next to the ancient roman theater. the theater has since been updated to cater to modern electricity and proper lighting but has kept the original foundation that was there. the theater still holds shows and during our visit we got a sneak peak of an upcoming performance. did you see it on snapchat!? it was the cutest group of tiny ballerinas having a dress rehearsal for their recital! can you say adorable?? i'm not going to lie, it was also nice to just sit after a long day of walking and i didn't want to get up!

arles was absolutely adorable and i wish i could have spent more time there - but a nap was calling my name! so it was back to the hotel to prepare for our last day in provence.

jacket: j.crew
dress: asos
shoes: chanel (love these)
bag: madewell
scarf: hermes (love this one)
necklace: jet set candy
bracelets: alexander mcqueen, cartier
sunglasses: dior