provence // a fine art

during our time in aix, it was inevitable that we were going to take a step into the life of one of the most famous artists in history. the one who i'm talking about is paul cezanne: a post-impressionist painter. known for his radical art style for the time, cezanne was not the typical painter. we explored his life by visiting his atelier and the home of his father.

his studio was a quaint little building with optimal light for painting. it was surreal walking into the studio as everything looked as if it was untouched since his death in 1906. his coat still hanging there and all of the pieces he used for countless still-life paintings. can you see the items in the painting below that were on display? at first i thought they were all replicas but the tour guide quickly corrected me! ...whoops

cezanne grew up fairly wealthy as his father owned a hat shop in the downtown aix area. his father later got into banking and pressured cezanne to pursue a more serious career. after two years in law school, cezanne resumed painting full time; and it was a good thing he did as his paintings are currently on display in the most famous museums. after visiting the atelier, we went immediately to the home of cezanne's father, and it was simply stunning!

we never ended up making inside the home but the exterior was too beautiful for words!

dress: modcloth
shoes: valentino
bracelets: david yurman, hermes
earrings: kate spade
sunglasses: dior