provence // honest to gordes

oh my gordes! can we talk about how cute gordes is!? the one hour drive from aix to gordes went by in a flash and our first point of contact was a look-out point about a mile from the city center. we initially passed the point and immediately did a (probably illegal) u-turn. the views were breathtaking and you could see not only the hilltop town, but the fields surrounding it. this is also where i spotted the poppy field. while talking pictures, we had to be incredibly conscious of the near 15 foot drop off of the edge...that wouldn't be fun! but i was incredibly happy that there was no fence or bar obstructing this gorgeous view!

we then headed into the downtown area that did not disappoint! the cute streets and cafés were abundant. we found ourselves getting lost and wandering into various art galleries and shops.

we didn't plan on staying long because we knew we wanted to go to the abbaye notre-dame de sénanque just a short drive away. now if any of you are pinterest lovers (like myself) you know that the first image that appears when searching provence is this monastery while the lavender is in full bloom (and become the perfect provence postcard image). i mentioned this on snapchat and i will say it again: i severely misinterpreted the lavender season. so if i had done my research properly, below is what the monastery would have looked like:

but we had to work with what we got and proceeded to take our lavender-less pictures...clearly i'm still not bitter about it. so for all of you lavender obsessed readers out there, let me make the mistake for you and go the end of june/beginning of july!

well i guess just missing lavender season means i have to come back to provence again! and i wouldn't mind that one bit!

dress: zimmermann
shoes: chanel
bracelet: cartier
necklace: gifted
sunglasses: karen walker

lavender photo via