preppy poppy

the moment i booked my flight to provence, i knew there was going to be some kind of frolicking in a field. as mentioned in the last post, i was hoping that it would have been in a field of lavender but i had to settle for a field of poppies - a close second.

if you were following me on snapchat, you knew this frolicking didn't go according to plan. upon arrival, the field was calling my name and looked like perfection. once stepping foot into the field itself, the ground was not the most solid (living in nyc, we don't really do soil).

after disregarding the muddy ground, we proceeded with the pictures. that was until my hat blew off my head! ...did you wonder why my hand was always on my head? well now you know! this meant i had to go even deeper into the field. this meant more mud...great. but i sucked it up because #instagram.

once we figured we had enough pictures, i relieved myself from the field. i started to take a look at the photos. while looking down at the camera, my eyes caught a glimpse of my feet (can you see where this is going??). and behold, there were about 20 ants on each of my feet. each. foot.

i acted as if my feet were on fire. so let this be known to all: only do your field frolicking in boots. tall. boots. other than that horrible memory, i have to say i am obsessed with the pictures!

dress: lisa marie fernandez
shoes: chloe (r.i.p.)
necklace: jet set candy
bracelets: david yurman, cartier
ring: david yurman, henri bendel (similar here)
hat: euguina kim
sunglasses: dior