dots and stripes

as always, the weekend before the fourth of july are completely dedicated to all things red, white, and blue. as mentioned here, my go-to uniform for the all-american festivities are based in blue and white with pops of red. i loved adding polkadots into the mix as it is (shockingly) a print that a rarely wear. and let's be honest, polkadots are about as close as you can get to stars without looking like an actual american flag.


but with a holiday that quickly turns everyone into frat boys, this off the shoulder dress is just the right amount of class this holiday needs! 

don't worry though...i did have my "frat boy fourth of july" days, we just won't ever relive them. ;)

dress: anthropologie
hat: scala
shoes: chanel (similar here and here)
bracelets: cartier
bag: chanel (similar here)
sunglasses: givenchy