mykonos // going places

our time in greece was quickly coming to an end and we couldn't believe we were on our last full day! not only did we not spend enough time in mykonos, i felt like i wanted to explore even more of the islands...i was just getting started!! but we came to terms with our the end of the trip and checked off the last few things on our to-do list! one of those things was riding an atv. i'm cool are they! i definitely didn't feel cool enough driving one but andrea and i rocked our newest accessory with ease: and by ease, i mean practicing for roughly 5 hours before really being comfortable. this seemed to be the mode of transportation everyone resorted to and we obviously needed to do so to blend in.


our first stop on the agenda was the beach, of course! ...but not without my favorite swimsuit and spf 100. we could have spend hours there but we really just had way too much fun riding these things! did anyone catch those boomerangs on our instastories!?

after all the riding around (and we literally drove in circles for hours) we worked up an appetite and headed to one restaurant that was on my list of recommendations: d'angelo! this italian food was just what we needed to finish off our trip. everyone at the restaurant was so sweet and they even had blankets because it got so cold that night! i didn't want the meal to end mostly because i wanted to keep the blanket on.

after ending the meal with the perfect oreo dessert, we headed to one last stop on the mykonos tour. d'angelo was right near the windmills and i knew we couldn't leave without seeing them and then walking through little venice to get back home. it may have been freezing with winds over 20 mph, but it was so worth it!

this trip was one for the books and i couldn't have been happier with my travel buddy who was willing to get up at 5 am every morning for the perfect shots! 

now...where should i go next??

jacket: j.crew
swimsuit: j.crew
skirt: asos
shoes: loeffler randall
bracelets: cartier
clutch: kate spade
hat: eugunia kim (old, similar here)
sunglasses: ray-ban