summer reading


reading has not always been my favorite. sure, i will read countless articles from the new york and financial times *cough cough...buzzfeed* but when it comes to sitting down and finishing a book cover to cover, i always seem to come up with any excuse to never finish (or start for that matter) a book. but this summer i was determined! i gave myself a goal of finishing one book. okay i know i didn't goal myself high, but it's realistic for my hectic life and about the baby steps. and i'm happy to announce that i successfully completed my goal!

i began carrying my book around with me (and i book clutch doesn't count *insert eye rolling emoji*) on the subway and even though my ride is only 10 minutes to work, it helped immensely! seeing other people reading on the subway always reminded me to whip out my book and helped me achieve my goal quicker! so what book did i choose? now it is not the most scholarly of all novels but it was definitely entertaining: primates of park avenue. this book had everything my upper east side self needed in a book and it was the perfect way to get me back into recreational reading!

i now love keeping an eye on both grace's and krystal's reading lists as they always have amazing suggestions! and as a little hint, the next book i want to read is off of grace's list! it's called how to murder your life and yes, i've already purchased it and should be delivered this week!

what are some of your favorite books to read?

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