a coat of paint

happy first post of 2018!

yeah, yeah, it's been two weeks since the new year but taking that time off has gotten me recharged and finally ready for this year! and what better way to get back into posting than featuring an accessory that i waited almost 3 months for: this stunning hand painted bag with the image of my logo! and of course a little "pret" monogram as the cherry on top of the sundae.

back in october when i still worked for kate, we hosted the fabulous thomas ard (also known as tomtom) at the store for a bag painting event. but instead of getting one of the pre-planned designs, i had to get something a little extra. so i commissioned him to paint my logo on this madison avenue collection bag from kate and it was truly the perfect last purchase from the store before leaving.

i initially promised myself that i would only take it out for special occasions but after seeing it match perfectly with this pink coat, i knew it was going to get a lot more mileage than anticipated! but when it's not being used, it sits on the very top of my bookshelf as my very own personalized art piece.

coat: theory
dress: asos (also love this)
belt: j.crew (old, similar here)
shoes: chanel
rings: kate spade, henri bendel
bracelets: cartier
bag: kate spade (old, similar here)
sunglasses: linda farrow