falling for vermont

after dana and i checked out of our hotel, we met up with andrea and made the switch over to the cutest airbnb just a few minutes from the downtown area. and holy crap was it the cutest! while it’s inside was decent, the reason we ended up choosing this location was because it was on a farm! like a real farm!! haha okay this city girl is going to calm down now! while i was behind the camera for a lot of the farm shots for dana and andrea, they were truly some of my favorites! loved this one i took for andrea and this one for dana!

because none of the shoes i brought were farm-girl approved, i opted for the quaint little location just across the street from our airbnb! honestly i feel like i’m the real winner in this situation haha!


oh yeah, and if you noticed in my last post, i got a drone! it was definitely a long time coming but it was an inevitable purchase. after sending out a survey on instastories, there was an overwhelming amount of recommendations for the dji mavic pro and the dji mavic air. without knowing too much about drones, i knew i needed to go into the store to examine them in person. after comparing the two models and chatting with the salesperson, i point blank asked him, “is the difference between the two really worth an almost $1000 price difference?” and he replied with an instant “no.” so i decided to go with the air model! it was simple to use and could instantly save photos to my iphone! …which was really all i was going to use it for! after playing with it on this trip to vermont i had wayyyyy too much fun! be prepared to see more drone photos popping up from now on!

coat: kate spade (old)
top: madewell
skirt: adam lippes
shoes: fendi
bag: mansur gavriel
earrings: chanel
necklace: chloe
sunglasses: gucci