all in a day's work


visiting the amalfi coast was everything i wanted it to be and then some. so on our last day in paradise, ashley and i wanted to do a day trip to visit every remaining inch of the coast. ashley had arranged a car to pick us up from our hotel in sorrento at the crack of dawn to begin our drive along the famous "blue ribbon" road. earlier in the trip, during our stay in positano, the wind was so strong that the picturesque umbrellas on the beach had to stay as we were driving past positano, i may or may not have had the car pull over so we could hike down to get "the shot." but hey, do it for the instagram right!? after we got the shot and hiked back up the 10,000 steps (ashley really loved me at this point) we continued up the road and stopped at the most famous fruit stand where we discovered our driver and the fruit stand owner were great friends haha!

from there we continued on the winding road to praino for a stop at this stunning church and a much needed caffeine pick-me-up! our stop here was short and sweet because we had a schedule to maintain! 

our next stop on the road was the not-so-secret secret beach: fiordo di furore. this rocky beach is accessible by the stairs but you can also get an incredible view by boat...which obviously ashley and i didn't have enough time to do. these were truly some of my favorite photos and could have stayed there all day! ...well if i liked being in the sun that is.


we climbed the stairs back up to our car and started our journey over to ravello for a visit to the most incredible gardens as well as the "terrace of infinity." we walked around for quite some time and even ran into kendall and her husband here! such a small world! at this point i was so thankful i wore my comfy shoes because we had probably walked 8 miles at this point! we stopped for a quick pizza (duh) before strolling back to the car.

we ended the journey with a stop at amalfi to have another little caffeine break and sat at a cafe looking at the main square and church. it was truly the perfect end to the perfect day but i could not have been more excited to go back to my hotel room and just crash! needless to say ashley and i hopped in our robes and ordered room service haha! 

dress: reformation
belt: gucci
shoes: chanel (similar here and here)
bag: kayu
hat: gucci
earrings: chanel
sunglasses: linda farrow

and a huge thank you to cassandra of travel italian style for making everything possible!