a roman holiday

after an absurd amount of procrastination, my favorite post from my tour of italy is here! of all of the 5:30am shoots, our morning at the colosseum will not compare to any other one. upon arrival, everything was going according to plan: our inspo photos in hand and my camera ready to go. ashley and i, of course, had to get the stereotypical blogger shot on the ledge and we continued taking photos around that area, but the magic didn't officially set in until we went down and around the historic roman landmark.

by the time we got down from the ledge, the sun was perfectly peeking through the tops of the trees creating the perfect sun flare around the colosseum. ashley and i initially started taking pictures on the side but another photographer politely asked us to move for a moment to get a shot of the colosseum just behind us. he had mentioned that he had been waiting to get this shot since 5:30 and as a fellow photographer, i was not one to stand in the way of the photo. instead of wasting time, i figured i might as well have gotten the shot as well! we stood by him and a few other photographers that were wanting photos from that same spot as well and when i looked in my lens immediately knew this was "the shot."

thankfully i had my 16-35mm lens with me so i was able to capture the full colosseum in a single frame (and even better, in an instagram 1x1 frame!). without hesitation i yelled at ashley to stand in the middle of the sidewalk to set up the shot and to this day that is probably my favorite photo i've taken of ashley! i then quickly had ashley take my photos and then we sat and watched to see what the other photographers wanted to capture...hint: it required bread and a lot of patience...see it here.

it just goes to show that even though you can plan and plan for a photoshoot, sometimes the best photos just fall into your lap! even after all of the excitement, we kept on exploring the roman ruins and found a few other gems before we finally hopped back in a taxi and finally had our well deserved breakfast!

only one more post and then i'm finished with my italy adventures! i honestly don't even know what life will be like when that happens haha! hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

dress: caroline constas
bag: tara zadeh
shoes: loeffler randall
earrings: vintage chanel
bracelets: cartier
sunglasses: dolce & gabbana