my favorite nyc photo locations

in yesterday’s post, i talked about the reasoning why i find it so frustrating when people keep their photo locations a secret. and while i will always try to ensure i tag the exact locations, i realized i needed to have a one-stop-shop for all of my favorite locations here in nyc! so i decided to break them all down by neighborhood for your viewing pleasure!

1. bethesda fountain steps (by the boathouse)
2. bethesda fountain steps (by the boathouse)
3. bow bridge - just north of the steps lateral to 72nd street
4. central park boathouse rowboats on the lake
5. gapstow bridge - closest entrance is on e 60th street
6. gapstow bridge again!

  1. park avenue - this one is on 72nd but i also love the corner on 63rd
    2. ladurée on madison avenue
    3. 60th street and 5th avenue
    4. 117 e 70th street
    5. ralph lauren mansion (women’s side)
    6. cooper hewitt
    7. plaza hotel
    8. plaza hotel

  1. grand central station - on 42nd and vanderbilt
    2. 41st and 5th avenue - photographing towards the south
    3. 41st and 5th avenue - photographing towards the north
    4. the new york public library
    5. bryant park grill
    6. times square - this intersection is 42nd street and 7th avenue
    7. top of the rock (still my favorite shoot to date!)
    8. columbus circle - photographing towards the east on central park south

  1. 133 e 19th street
    2. 19th street and irving place
    3. 134 e 19th street

  1. the intersection at broadway and 5th avenue
    2. the same intersection as 1 just facing uptown
    3. e 23rd and broadway - this angle also has a view of the empire state building!

  1. washington squre north and 5th avenue
    2. inside the park just east of the arch
    3. stumpton coffee roasters - w 8th street and macdougal street
    4. corner of minetta street and minetta lane
    5. washington mews
    6. washington place and washington square west
    7. macdougal street between bleecker and w houston

  1. staple street and jay street
    2. vestry street and greenwich street
    3. leonard street and hudson street

  1. howard street and mercer street - la mercerie is on this corner too!
    2. broome street and crosby street
    3. howard street and crosby street
    4. broome street and centre street
    5. 133 greene street
    6. broome street and mott street

  1. stuyvesant street and e 10th street
    2. stuyvesant street and e 9th street

  1. perry street
    2. perry street
    3. 132 bank street
    4. w 11th street and greenwich street
    5. 161 charles street
    6. perry street and washington street
    7. patchin place and w 10th street
    8. commerce street and bedford street
    9. where commerce street and barrow street intersect
    10. the turn on commerce street just south of barrow street
    11. grove street and bedford street (the cutest grove court is just east of this also and it’s right by the “friends” apartment!)
    12. grove street and bedford street
    13. horatio street and greenwich street
    14. 332 w 12th street (last time i was there, they were updating the facade so i hope they complete it soon!)
    15. 96 bank street

  1. the building on the corner of chambers street and centre street
    honorable mentions for the financial district are the new york stock exchange and the intersection of pearl street and wall street!

  1. the brooklyn bridge (duh)
    2. 80 york street - this is the oh so famous rainbow mural!
    3. water street and washington street

  1. prospect park boathouse and audubon center
    2. lullwater bridge
    3. just past the lullwater bridge