my thoughts on sharing photo locations

one of the most incredible things about instagram (and pretty much the internet in general) is that it has become a source of endless inspiration for content. from outfits and beauty ideas, to lifestyle and fitness goals, instagram has infinite pages of videos and photos to look at. but time and time again, i see photos of the cutest coffee shops or the most charming brownstones with the geotag “new york, new york" (if any at all) as if the poster wants to prevent anyone else from instagramming from the same location…and will ignore any questions pertaining to where it was taken.

it’s truly something i will never understand! unless it’s your actual apartment (which…duh), people don’t own the locations and they are just making it more difficult for others to track them down. this is why i will always go out of my way to ensure i’m listing the correct location, try to narrow it down to a neighborhood or street, guesstimate as close as i possibly can to the exact location, or just respond to any questions about it (yes, i’ve been known to screenshot google maps too)!!

i think one of the reasons people are so protective of their photo locations is that they fear people will copy them…and some of them might but most others will create completely different images! for example, during my trip to miami, my friend fendi and i wanted to do a little day-trip to palm beach. the last time i was there was when i was in college and instagram wasn’t exactly top of mind. thankfully i my friend ashley is a palm beach expert and never fails to share her photo locations so we knew exactly where to go. we spent the morning at the colony palm beach and walked around aimlessly to look at houses we couldn’t afford before heading back to miami.

instagram succeeds when there is a supportive community and if i can help out in any way, i will! i’m always forever grateful for those who do the same in return!!


// outfit 1 //
dress: la vie style house (also in blue here and black and white here)
shoes: manolo blahnik (last seen here)
bag: chanel
earrnigs: zoja (similar here and here)
sunglasses: dolce & gabbana

// outfit 2 //
dress: kate spade
shoes: valentnio
bag: roksanda
earrnigs: zoja (similar here and here)
necklace: cartier
sunglasses: dolce & gabbana