on the rocks


well the grand finale of my longest shoot day ever is here! amanda and i were so excited to end our day in joshua tree - a place i’ve always wanted to see! after our drive from palm springs, we got to the national park a few hours before sunset and we nearly gasped at how large this place was. we had absolutely no idea what to expect but we were blown away. the massive park combined with the perfect light made for one heck of a photoshoot!

there were definitely people in the park but it didn’t seem overly crowded at all and many times we had the road all to ourselves. we also passed by so many camp sites that i actually think i told amanda that i wouldn’t mind camping for a night…i know i don’t know what came over me either!

anywayssss…joshua tree was the perfect ending to this day and we left the park right as the sun was setting. to this day, that drive out of the park was one of the most stunning sunsets i’ve ever seen! if you’re going to be in the los angeles/palm springs area ever, joshua tree is definitely a must-see!


jacket: zara
jumpsuit: gal meets glam collection
shoes: jimmy choo
bag: zara
hat: gucci
earrings: chanel (vintage)
sunglasses: dolce & gabbana