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the ins and outs of the 2019 blog societies conference

two weekends ago, elle and i headed down to georgia and made our way to the barnsley resort for the annual blog societies conference, adorably known as tbscon. while i attended this conference back in 2016 with dana, this year’s conference was extra special because instead of being an attendee i was asked to be a speaker for one of the workshops. if you’re not familiar with the blog societies, it is a community for influencers that allows us to share resources, connections, and tools necessary to grow our blogs. it was founded by cathy of poor little it girl and jessica of my style vita and they host a conference every year that brings together girls (and guys!) and discuss all things blogging.

top: j.crew
skirt: brock collection (old, last seen here)
shoes: tory burch (old, similar here)
belt: frame
hat: etsy (last worn here)
bag: loeffler randall
sunglasses: gucci

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veuve, like love

another veuve clicquot polo classic has come and gone and my countdown to next year’s has officially begun. but before i start my prep for next year’s christmas…i mean polo classic…a recap is obviously necessary.

dress: staud (also love the blue)
shoes: valentino
hat: etsy (i had them custom make it with the yellow ribbon)
earrings: kate spade
necklace: cartier
rings: chloe, henri bendel, alex & ani, gorjana, baublebar
bracelets: cartier, dior
bag: mansur gavriel
sunglasses: dolce & gabbana

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my favorite nyc photo locations

in yesterday’s post, i talked about the reasoning why i find it so frustrating when people keep their photo locations a secret. and while i will always try to ensure i tag the exact locations, i realized i needed to have a one-stop-shop for all of my favorite locations here in nyc! so i decided to break them all down by neighborhood for your viewing pleasure!

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veuve is in the air

it's that time of year again...the new york city veuve clicquot polo classic (also know as christmas in june) is without a doubt my favorite event of the year! coming off of last year's new york times worthy outfit i knew i needed something extra for this year. so when i stumbled upon this stunning christian siriano dress online, i knew it was going to be the one! the detailing and the structure of the dress were absolutely breathtaking and the metallic threading perfectly reflected the light...oh and the pockets were an added bonus! the second i tried it on in his new midtown townhouse store (adorably decorated by the way!), i fell in love and had them ring me up right away! and just as a quick sidebar, the entire staff there is phenomenal! literally have never had such an amazing experience at a store!

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my first nyc apartment

it has been an incredible experience living here in nyc so far. from the moment i graduated high school i knew i was going to end up in the greatest city in the world (okay biased but still). my search for an apartment began immediately when i accepted an offer from bloomingdale's to be a part of their executive program. thankfully i was familiar with the new york real estate market simply due to the two internships i had in the city prior to graduation. but this time around, i was footing the bill. and the tip too.

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the ins and outs of breakfast at tiffany's

the day is finally here! yes, that's right, i'm sharing all of the details from my fabulous morning having breakfast with andrea at the blue box café back in february! oh yeah, you heard that correctly...february. so disregarding my blatant laziness on posting this, i wanted to be sure i walked you all through how to get reservations at the coveted restaurant and how to channel your inner holly golightly all at the same time! for starters, the reservations. of course andrea and i had an advantage because we live in nyc so we had very little obstacles to plan around but we knew we wanted to get there right as the restaurant opened. reservations are all done on their website and open up at 9am, 30 days before. so naturally i set my alarm for 8:55am (just like signing up for classes in college) and refreshed the page until 9am. thankfully the 10am reservation slot popped up and i snatched it faster than a 70% off tv during a black friday sale! and while there is technically a waitlist if all of the slots are full, the probability that something will open up is slim because the tables are so limited. so if you're not from nyc but know you'll be planning a visit, mark your calendar for reservations 30 days in advance!

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talk birdie to me

for those of you who don't necessarily pay close attention to my instastories, you may not have known i am a huge golf in i literally play whenever i can and am even considering going to a golf camp for a weekend to master my game! but aside from that, i think we can all imagine how i reacted when i was given the opportunity to attend one of the practice rounds of the grand-daddy of all golf tournaments: the masters!

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2017 going on 2018

what a crazy fun and wild ride 2017 has been both here on prêt-à-provost, as well as in my life personally. this year i have been given some amazing opportunities and i wanted to share with you all a few of my favorite moments of this past year from the blog. so in true maria von trapp style, let's start from the very beginning:

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bag it up // the benefits of shopping in europe

oh paris, your charm and culture are irresistible...but not quite as irresistible as that 13% v.a.t. (value added tax). for those who may not be familiar, when shopping in europe the tax is included in the price on the tag *cough* america...get on that *cough* and any non-european resident has the opportunity to get that tax back when leaving the country. i know! this makes shopping in europe that much more fun because you seemingly get a 13% discount wherever you go! and when there is a big purchase i want to make and know i'm going to be travelling, i do all the research that i can before leaving for any overseas trip. but let's break this down a little further. of course, prices are going to vary between brands and different countries (with different currencies) that they may be located in so it's always handy to do a little leg work if you are going to be visiting multiple countries. however, more often than not, the home country of the brand is going to be the least expensive (i.e. ted baker is the least expensive in england and tory burch is the least expensive in the us) so i knew my trip to paris would be my opportunity to finally get my hands on the céline clasp bag - to obviously complete my transformation into a 95 year old woman.

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get your veuve on

i hopped off the plane at lax with my boater hat and a bottle of veuve in hand...and ready to attend the eighth annual veuve clicquot polo classic in los angeles! now many of you know that dana and i are regulars at the veuve polo classic in new york city so you can imagine our excitement when we made the decision to head to the west coast! we had no idea what to expect aside from the whole "champagne" thing haha but there were definitely some differences.

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crowned with flowers

i'm back a ready to go after a much needed two-week break! but boy, did those two weeks go by fast! i'm starting back up by sharing photos from one of my favorite events of the summer: the crowns by christy event in the hamptons. christy is truly one of the sweetest people and her creations are beyond needless to say, i always rsvp yes to all of her events! upon receiving the invite to her hamptons soirée, i grabbed my two partners in crime and began the journey out east. but not without stopping at drybar first!

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off duty

when living in such a big and busy city like new york, it is easy to get lost in the madness. since moving to the city over two years ago (wow, how time has flown!), i never quite mastered "big city living." coming to new york right after college, i never realized how difficult balancing work, blogging, being social, exercise, and my overall personal life would be and the sporadic schedule of my first post-college job didn't help. after a career switch about a year ago, i started to get back into a routine again. but of course, the holidays hit and my newborn routine quickly took a backseat. holidays in retail are anything but relaxing and the last thing i wanted to do when leaving work was talk to more people or even work out. so i found myself passing on events, soulcycle classes, and happy hours with friends just to get an extra hour of sleep. instead of bringing my lunch to work, i defaulted to ordering seamless from less than stellar options and would repeat the cycle when i got home at night. i assumed my schedule would reset itself when the holidays were over but, of course, it didn't and a few months ago, the need and desire for a change slapped me right across the face. hard.

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la vie en rosé

i don't think it comes as a surprise that the veuve clicquot polo classic is my favorite event of the year! this is the third time i have attended the event and not without my favorite champagne partner in crime, dana - read about our first and second years too! at this point, dana and i have become experts at mastering the polo classic and, in my opinion, we completely nailed it this year. we hopped on the first ferry to liberty state park, where the match is held, and stood right by the door so we could be the first ones off...can you tell we were excited? although this is our third year, it was only our second year in the rosé garden. being one of the first to arrive, we were able to park ourselves at some prime real estate right up front to watch* the match.

*drink closer to

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stress-free hair

i can say now that i truly love my hair...but i haven't always felt this way about it. when i was younger, i was constantly teased for being a redhead and many people would unwelcomely touch my hair. i considered my hair a burden and hated sticking out in the crowd. but my hair shaped who i am today - fun fact: i wrote my college essay about being a redhead - and i'm so thankful for it.

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