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colors of cape town

we saved the best for last for the final stop on our african getaway: cape town! once we arrived to our hotel (although i wanted to stay here but they were completely sold out), i was so happy to finally have stable access to air conditioning, plumbing, and wi-fi! i unpacked all of my things immediately when we got to our room and my family and i started planning out our agenda. my brother and i went down to the concierge prepared with a list of dinner recommendations from our friends but little did we know that the weekend before new year’s eve was going to be one of cape town’s busiest! oopsies! so instead of dinner at places like the pot luck club and the test kitchen, we kind of just got whatever was available…and there weren’t many options.

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the way to zimbabwe

holy crap, that was such an incredible fashion week here in nyc! but now that it’s over, i can finally get back to sharing more details about my africa trip! and even though it’s valentine’s day…i won’t be doing a post with pizza, chocolate, and an excessive amount of heart balloons becauseeeee #single.

i left off on my africa trip with the first two posts from the safari in botswana: one sharing all of the details and the second being a photo diary of the safari! in the first post, i briefly mentioned details about our journey to the next stop on our african adventure, victoria falls in zimbabwe, and how it involved an hour and a half flight on a tiny propeller plane right to the border of zimbabwe, and then we had an almost 2 hour drive across the border to victoria falls. it was a lot. oh yeah, and once we got to the national park where our hotel was, we then had to take a 20 minute boat ride on the zambezi river to get to the actual hotel. but once i was able to sit on the couch in the lobby and get the wifi password, i was very happy.

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my african safari photo diary

i know that during one of my posts last week, i mentioned that one of my intentions for this year is to write more on the blog. but with the plethora of photos from the safari alone, i knew i needed to dedicate a post entirely for the photos. for more of the details regarding the actual safari i went on discussing everything from packing to preparation, head to monday’s post here! for ease, i decided to break breakdown the photos into two sections starting with all of the outfit photos and then ending with the wildlife photos!

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surfin' safari: everything you need to know about going on a safari

happy monday everyone!

i am so excited to finally be able to sit down and share all of the details of my trip to africa back in december! while this wasn’t my first time in africa (or going on a safari), it was my first time going as a photographer and/or blogger or even being slightly prepared for what was to come. the last time i went to africa was when i was in high school when my parents and i went to malawi for a mission trip and then onto a nearby safari with an ending in zambia. we went during august so the weather was tolerable but still hot during the day. and don’t even let me get started on my atrocious packing job! back in 2010, pinterest just started but it wasn’t really a “thing” yet, so i really didn’t have any resources to figure out what to wear. as a result, i basically packed nike shorts and t-shirts and felt so out of place. this time around, it was my chance to redo it all, and redo it right!

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