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jumping to palm springs

it has always been a dream of mine to visit the mid-century capital of the world: palm springs. so when amanda and i were doing our insane day of shooting, we knew palm springs needed to be a stop. while i desperately wanted to stay the night, i knew this trip wasn’t going to be my chance. so we opted for lunch at the ace hotel and trespassing onto the saguaro property for photos. this town is rainbow heaven and i did not want to leave!

jumpsuit: j.crew (stripe version here)
shoes: raye (last seen here)
bag: kayu
bangles: cult gaia
sunglasses: christian siriano (similar here)

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how i take my photos when i'm on vacation

being a photographer, my standards for my own personal photos are slightly higher than the average blogger’s...some may call it pickier but let’s just say thankfully when i’m home in nyc, i shoot with lydia hudgens for all of my content…and thankfully she knows how to deal with all of my crap by now (throwback to my first shoot with her back in 2015)! and while i would love to pack lydia in my suitcase for all of my travels or clone myself to take my photos, i can’t (yet). therefore i’ve had to come up with tips and tricks so i can have my friends and family (and the occasional kind stranger) help me out.

dress: rhode resort (with the belt from this color)
bag: roksanda (also love the white)
shoes: j.crew (old)
hat: club monaco (old)
bracelets: cartier
sunglasses: dolce & gabbana

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colors of cape town

we saved the best for last for the final stop on our african getaway: cape town! once we arrived to our hotel (although i wanted to stay here but they were completely sold out), i was so happy to finally have stable access to air conditioning, plumbing, and wi-fi! i unpacked all of my things immediately when we got to our room and my family and i started planning out our agenda. my brother and i went down to the concierge prepared with a list of dinner recommendations from our friends but little did we know that the weekend before new year’s eve was going to be one of cape town’s busiest! oopsies! so instead of dinner at places like the pot luck club and the test kitchen, we kind of just got whatever was available…and there weren’t many options.

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a spade is a spade: my thoughts on the new direction of kate spade new york

today is the day!

today is the first day of the official redesign of one of my favorite (if not my most favorite) brands! early last year it was announced that nicola glass would be replacing deborah lloyd as creative director of kate spade. while i know anyone who follows me knows i am a kate spade fanatic (and former employee) and that i’ve have always loved the brand, i knew nicola was going to take the brand into the next stage of its life. when nicola’s first collection first hit the runway last fashion week, i will be honest, there were pieces that i loved…and some, not so much. was this redesign too drastic for the kate spade customer? was it going to stray too far from the whimsical brand i once knew? i had to wait and see it for myself in person.

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busy bee

i am fully aware that i keep saying this but i am so behind on my photos! especially now that my photography program is in full swing at icp, my free time for my own photos is basically non-existent at this point. so i’m finally able to feature one of my favorite and comfiest dresses of the summer! i wore this dress out east when i escaped the craziness of nyfw this season with ashley…oh yeah and it has pockets!

because i’m basically up to my eyeballs in work, i’m keeping this post short and sweet! so enjoy! haha

dress: emilia wickstead
shoes: isa tapia (old, red version here)
bag: tara zadeh
earrings: chanel
bracelets: cartier
necklaces: shashi, cartier
sunglasses: dolce & gabbana

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my coming to jeans-us moment

i know it probably comes as a shock, but i actually wear jeans allllllll the time, especially when i’m photographing. and as much as i love my luxury and designer pieces, about a year and a half ago, i told myself i was never going to buy a pair of designer jeans again…because no matter how great of quality they were, they inevitably got destroyed. lesson learned!

top: asos
jeans: madewell
shoes: chanel (similar here)
bag: tara zadeh
bracelets: cartier
earrings: katerina makriyianni
necklace: kate spade (old, similar here)
sunglasses: dolce & gabbana

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planes, and trains, and cars, oh my!

coming off of one of the longest travel days i've ever had in my life, arriving in positano was like arriving to the promise land...i had finally made it! but getting there was no easy feat. after my short 18-hours in mexico city, i hopped on a plane and headed to atlanta. after going through customs, i got on another international flight and this time to rome. from the rome airport, i had to take a train to the rome train station where i had to transfer to another train to get to the naples train station. when i arrived to the naples train station, i had a car pick me up and make the windy one and a half hour journey to the stunning positano to meet up with ashley! all in all it was a 24 hour travel day...i was exhausted! but there was no time to waste because ashley and i had a very tight schedule to keep.

top: msgm
skirt: dolce & gabbana (old, last seen here and similar here)
shoes: chanel (similar here and here)
bracelets: cartier
bag: tory burch
sunglasses: givenchy

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18 hours in mexico city

hot off the heels from my family wedding in puerto vallarta, my parents and i took a quick trip to mexico city. my parents had time to stay the entire weekend but my time was limited to a mere 18 hours because i had to hop on a plane first thing in morning for my next adventure. needless to say the moment we landed in mexico city, it was crunch time!

dress: zara (similar here and here)
shoes: gianvito rossi
bag: anthropologie
bracelets: cartier
earrings: katerina markiyianni
sunglasses: gucci 

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faux real

faux fur is for real this season! with the temperatures hovering over freezing, i knew i couldn't beat mother nature for spring to get here so i'm compromising and strutting around town with this faux fur coat in my favorite color! perfect for the days when i want it to be spring, but it's still frigid. paring this coat with a little sequined blouse and purple pants (because duh) and i was out the door!

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check it out

i think it goes without saying that i adapted to southern living (and dressing) with ease and i knew that my suitcase wouldn't have been complete without a plethora of gingham! i purchased this gingham top months ago in anticipation of some warmer days and i was so excited to finally wear it in savannah! i loved pairing it with it's gingham mansur partner-in-crime and this stunning floral skirt to complete the perfect southern belle look! now if we could just tackle the heat and humidity in the south in the summer and then i would actually live there full-time!

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draw the line

after two amazing but very cold trips (woodstock and kennebunkport) i was desperately in the market for some sun! so ashley, emily and i decided to head over to the cutest southern town that has been on my bucket list for as long as i can remember: savannah! while packing i knew i just needed an explosion of color and prints to really jump both feet into southern weather so this wrap skirt was one of the first pieces thrown into the suitcase. this winter has been never ending so it was incredibly refreshing to not have to wear my coat...even though i brought it just in case it got cold later in the evening! spoiler alert: it didn't. stay tuned for more posts from my trip to the south!

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taking shape

one thing people may not know about me is that i am a total math nerd - i even majored in finance in college! but one of my favorite segments of my math progression was geometry. now don't get me wrong, i will always have a special place in my heart for a good floral pattern but there is just something about a bold geometric print that makes me stop and stare! of course i needed to pair this statement skirt with my classic stripe tee (that i've had for ages) to add that extra pop! and as i was beginning this post, i saw jenn wear this same skirt three different ways. check out her post here! but we talk about that gingham top with it!? #stunning!

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give it a twirl

spring and dresses have become synonymous and when i am able to twirl in one of those spring dresses, they get immediate brownie points! this dress was just what i needed to truly get into the spring spirit and the "twirl" effect did not disappoint. although, i instantly fell in love with this dress, i seemed to struggle with how to accessorize it...more specifically, what shoes to wear! probably because i'm a little particular with the shoes worn with maxi dresses. when the hem is longer, there is no question that i wear a heel or wedge, but when the hem is just the right length for me, i freeze up.

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purple rainbow

any time i am able to find an outfit to go with one of my favorite pairs of shoes, i get a little too excited. there is just something about a pair of rainbow heels that make a girl freak out! if you remember, i also wore these beauties here and here and would wear them every day if i could! i typically wear these ferragamo heels with a bright, solid-colored dress and knew this paper london dress was going to be the perfect mate!

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london // run for the notting hill

oh hello london!! it has been so long (okay okay only a year and a half) since my last trip to london but i was so excited to bring dana along this time around! one of the places i knew i wanted to revisit was notting hill. no exceptions! as the self-designated trip planner, i blocked off an entire afternoon to just stroll the streets of the cutest neighborhood in london and i still feel like i needed more time!

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