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gone with the wind

just a piece of advice: it may not be the best idea to wear the flowiest dress you own on top of the windiest cliff. just saying. but if you're going to do it, do it in santorini

as a fun fact about this location, andrea and i spotted it when we were shooting the night before at this location. you could even see this spot when standing from the steps! the reason it caught our eye was because there was a gorgeous wedding shooting taking place and i could only imagine how those photos turned out! we clearly got a little jealous and decided to head there the next morning.

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embroidery loyalty

hellooo embroidery! this is one of the spring and summer trends that i am fully on board for and kate spade is clearly all for it as well! there are countless pieces in the spring and summer kate collections that feature the trend and this dress was just one of the many! when i was able to look at the collection preview last year, i instantly took a screenshot of this dress and have been counting down the days until i could place it in my closet. a few weeks ago i was finally able to try it on and it did not disappoint! i also ended up getting this top from the collection with similar detailing and i wear it to work all the time!

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santorini // breakfast with a side of oia

each morning during our explorations in santorini, we built up quite the appetite. and because we were out the door before the sun, we were able to make it back to the hotel before the end of breakfast...and the kirini had quite the setup! thankfully breakfast was included with our room but this wasn't just your classic continental breakfast; it was truly a feast! our second morning at the hotel, we decided to ditch the restaurant seating and sit up on one of the hotel's many landings overlooking oia. so we grabbed all of the food we could carry (and then some) and headed up the steps to have our breakfast with a side of oia.

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santorini // intentionally wandering

it was another 5am wake-up call for our second morning in santorini and it was this day that i thought andrea was going to throw the alarm against the wall...but it was a good thing she didn't! one of the reasons that this morning was my favorite in santorini wasn't because i was wearing this ahhmazing skirt but because i felt like we had our bearings of the city. our first day we were simply exploring oia and getting lost in the many streets. but come day two, we were "experts." we were able to pinpoint the exact places we wanted to venture to first and that was a monumental stress-reliever.

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catching the sunset

in a sea of blue and white, i knew i needed to shake things up and gave this city a classic pop of red. i decided to wear this dress on our first real night in santorini (i don't count the first one as we went to bed as soon as we arrived) and it paired so well with the sunset that night! it was perfectly flowy enough to keep me cool and it still allowed me to eat all the food at black rock. and the flowy dress was necessary because andrea and i ate all of the calamari they had in stock.

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