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vienna // early bird

hello vienna! after an amazing week in paris with andrea, i was so excited to meet up with my mom in the capital of austria! when planning, we needed to pick a location that had both enough fall foliage for yours truly with a mix of history and art for my mom...and vienna seemed like the perfect decision. immediately when we got off of the plane, we checked into the palais coburg (we were very unimpressed but i will get into that some other time) and headed right to albertina museum to check out the raphael exhibit. my mom could have stayed there for hours (and she did) so i stopped in for a bit but then left her to go get a blowout - you know, priorities - because i knew what time i needed to wake up the next morning.

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versailles // let them eat cake

next up on my paris re-do list was none other than my vacation home...err i mean the palace of versailles. the last time i visited my vacation home...ugh i did it again! the last time i visited versailles was during my first few days of studying abroad. i took the hour+ long train out with a few of my classmates and explored the palace. this instagram was even one of my favorites from the pre-blog days! this time around, andrea and i opted for the time efficient uber just a 30 minute ride outside of paris. we had originally planned to get there right as the gates opened with our pre-paid tickets in hand but our snooze buttons got the best of us! we headed out around 1:00pm and that was a mistake to say the least. we figured it would be crowded on the thursday we went but not as crowded as it actually was! our pre-paid tickets only saved us around 5-10 minutes but the waiting in line took around and hour and a half. and the photographer in me started to freak out about how much light we were actually going to have. but we definitely made it work!

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