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my favorite nyc photo locations

in yesterday’s post, i talked about the reasoning why i find it so frustrating when people keep their photo locations a secret. and while i will always try to ensure i tag the exact locations, i realized i needed to have a one-stop-shop for all of my favorite locations here in nyc! so i decided to break them all down by neighborhood for your viewing pleasure!

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my thoughts on sharing photo locations

one of the most incredible things about instagram (and pretty much the internet in general) is that it has become a source of endless inspiration for content. from outfits and beauty ideas, to lifestyle and fitness goals, instagram has infinite pages of videos and photos to look at. but time and time again, i see photos of the cutest coffee shops or the most charming brownstones with the geotag “new york, new york" (if any at all) as if the poster wants to prevent anyone else from instagramming from the same location…and will ignore any questions pertaining to the location of the photo.

// outfit 1 //
dress: la vie style house (also in blue here and black and white here)
shoes: manolo blahnik (last seen here)
bag: chanel
earrnigs: zoja (similar here and here)
sunglasses: dolce & gabbana

// outfit 2 //
dress: kate spade
shoes: valentnio
bag: roksanda
earrnigs: zoja (similar here and here)
necklace: cartier
sunglasses: dolce & gabbana

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how i take my photos when i'm on vacation

being a photographer, my standards for my own personal photos are slightly higher than the average blogger’s...some may call it pickier but let’s just say thankfully when i’m home in nyc, i shoot with lydia hudgens for all of my content…and thankfully she knows how to deal with all of my crap by now (throwback to my first shoot with her back in 2015)! and while i would love to pack lydia in my suitcase for all of my travels or clone myself to take my photos, i can’t (yet). therefore i’ve had to come up with tips and tricks so i can have my friends and family (and the occasional kind stranger) help me out.

dress: rhode resort (with the belt from this color)
bag: roksanda (also love the white)
shoes: j.crew (old)
hat: club monaco (old)
bracelets: cartier
sunglasses: dolce & gabbana

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my african safari photo diary

i know that during one of my posts last week, i mentioned that one of my intentions for this year is to write more on the blog. but with the plethora of photos from the safari alone, i knew i needed to dedicate a post entirely for the photos. for more of the details regarding the actual safari i went on discussing everything from packing to preparation, head to monday’s post here! for ease, i decided to break breakdown the photos into two sections starting with all of the outfit photos and then ending with the wildlife photos!

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