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the need for tweed

i am never not ready for the holidays...seriously! now that halloween is over, we can focus on what's truly important: christmas!! christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and i couldn't be happier that it is just around the corner. with the holidays approaching, the invites to the plethora of holiday events, parties, and just any excuse to put on a sparkly dress are right around the corner and this sparkle tweed dress has me ready for every single one of them! tweed is one of those fabrics that you can't help but feel sophisticated in and you know i'm going to be wearing it until it is 90 degrees again.

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twinkle toes

i think we all know i'm not one to shy away from a fabulous and fun pair of heels but there are days when my feet just need a little break! and thus, i bring out the statement flat. a girl's trusty sidekick for being comfy yet still sparkly for any occasion. while organizing my shoes recently, i stumbled back upon this pair of that i bought about 2/3 years ago and completely forgot about! thankfully this striped dress paired so perfectly with them and gave me an excuse to break them back out!

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