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the discouraging side of having a "small" instagram following

in today’s social media age, people are seemingly defined by their follower count. as of this week, i have around 25k followers and while that may seem like a lot to some people, my following pales in comparison to my peers…especially those in nyc. to be honest, it gets incredibly frustrating and often discouraging regardless of how hard i try not to play the comparison game. the loop giveaways are running rampant and there doesn’t seem to be any slowing down of people trying to take shortcuts. i was even told once that it was “cute” how i’ve kept my small following simply because i didn’t participate in that rubbish (sorry i’ve been watching mary poppins returns and now i think i’m british). i had a “wait, what?!?” moment haha! but what real impact does this have on me? it really comes down to brands and partnerships.

coat: ganni (old, similar here and here)
sweater: & other stories
jeans: madewell
boots: tibi
bag: louis vuitton
earrings: vintage chanel
sunglasses: linda farrow

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white after labor day

happy tuesday everyone! i hope everyone had a wonderful labor day yesterday but unfortunately the time has come to put away all things white...

haha jokes on jokes!

but in all seriousness, my whites are not being put away for quite some time! thankfully this white gal meets glam dress is in my closet and will be incredibly versatile even when the seasons change. and of course i had to pair it with my favorite pearl tote to coordinate with the pearl detailing on the dress. pearl overkill? i think not!

now let's just continue the countdown to fall!

coat: kate spade (last seen here)
dress: gal meets glam
shoes: aquazzura (old, similar here and here)
bag: shrimps
bracelets: cartier
sunglasses: linda farrow

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pastel me more

hello charleston: the perfect spring getaway from the cold and dreary new york city...the sun was desperately needed! in contrast to the last time i was in charleston a few years ago in august, this time the head and humidity were far from extreme and i wasn't in a hurry to race home to nyc! as a result of the aggressive weather, i wasn't really a fan of any of my photos. so like my trip to paris, i was eager to get back to the charming city to redo the photos. for this time around, i took my time strolling the streets and taking in the scenery. everywhere i turned, there were colorful corners that belonged in a magazine and it was a plethora of pastel perfection!

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going green

this season, i have been making more of a conscious effort to mix and match pieces that i already own and try to incorporate them into my current fall wardrobe. i absolutely loved wearing this coat last year and this dress back when i was in london...and of course i had to pair these pieces with my latest obsession: these green over the knee boots! when i say i have already worn these boots to death, i mean it. i'm strongly considering buying a second pair (in addition the the black pair i already purchased).

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waving the white flag

is it too early in the season to wave my white flag? summer is here and mother nature is not being shy about it! the heat and humidity are in full swing and the only thing i can manage to put on in the morning are little (preferably white) dresses. when the humidity percentage is higher than my rent, i reach for dresses, like this one, that are easy, lightweight, and breathable! the open sleeve allows me to still be modest all while keeping me cool. the only thing this dress can't do is make the temperature go back down!

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pearly whites

"lizzie mcguire, you are an outfit repeater!!" does anyone else flash back to this scene from the lizzie mcguire movie every time they re-wear an outfit?? ...or is that just me. and i'm not going to lie, that after thinking of this quote, i started watching the full movie. thank god for netflix! but before i get too distracted, the main reason i'm re-wearing this temperly london dress (that i wore in charleston last summer) was because it was the perfect pair with this year's latest trend: pearls! after seeing these earrings on jenny from margo & me, i stalked the website for months before they were finally released and i was able to snag myself a pair. and it was then that i realized this would be the start of an extensive pearl collection.

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sailor stripes

spring is here! and although the greenery has not quite come out, i couldn't help but dress like it already has. but i have to say, the weather this weekend was simply picture perfect, and i have never been so excited for spring to peak! i'm gearing up with these extra comfy sailor pants in the event that someone has an extra boat i can just borrow.

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