prêt-approved // investment pieces

it's been a while since i've done a prêt-approved post and figured i would continue the series with something that i'm a huge supporter of: investment pieces! if you have been following me for a while, you may have noticed that i love to splurge on the occasional item. this is because when i was growing up in the era of fast fashion, with stores like forever 21 and h&m taking over malls, i found myself overbuying pieces just because they were cheap. this resulted in those pieces being worn maybe once if i was lucky, but more often than not, they were left hung in my closet with the tags. after wasting countless dollars, i learned very quickly that i would rather spend my money on fewer and more expensive pieces that i know i'm going to wear a million times over. so let's break down my top 3 must-have investment pieces!

the handbag

i wasn't always the handbag girl but over the years my collection has grown to one that i'm incredibly grateful for. but my first real designer bag (aside from the mini pink coach monogram handbag we all thought was the coolest thing) was the louis vuitton medium neverfull bag in the damier checkered canvas. i bought it on january 6th, 2012 for $820. and how do i know that? because i still have bag with the original receipt. that's how much i love this bag. although this bag is rarely taken out on the town these days, i used to use it every single day. i don't even know if i could ever sell it...and i probably could for a profit because they currently retail for $1260! check out some of my current favorite investment handbags below:

pro tip: your investment bag doesn't have to be black! have fun with colors like red and navy and forrest green that easily pair well with others! or pink if you're obsessed with it like me. but i caution lighter colored crossbody or long shoulder bags as the dye from denim will rub off on it! and if you're hesitant to buy a bag without fully knowing if you love it, rent it!

the pump

i am no stranger to a funky pair of heels but to me, nothing could be chicer than a pair of black pumps to finish off an outfit. for the longest time, i seemed to only wear these kate spade pumps but not too long ago, i upgraded to these velvet beauties. check out some of my favorite below:

pro tip: if you can, try to get different finishes for varying weather conditions! i love my suede and velvet but they far away when it starts to rain! a matte or patent leather are a little more durable for rain and are slightly easier to clean. oh, and make sure you can walk in them!

the trench

i'm going to end on a statement piece that literally look me forever to find! the reason i struggled for so long to find the perfect trench was because i was trying to force the classic burberry trench onto myself...and for the silliest reason: because i felt like everyone else had it and i wanted it too! but after trying them on countless times in difference sizes, colors, and lengths it just wasn't working! and it was't until i found this kate spade trench (last seen here) that i realized what had gone wrong with all of the previous trials. the silhouette was completely off! the burberry trench was cut too straight for me and the kate spade trench flared out perfectly to accentuate my waist. shop some of my favorite trench coats below:

pro tip: try, try, try! there are so many different styles and silhouettes to choose from. truly take your time. it was all about trial and error for me and i'm so thankful i didn't jump the gun and just purchase the burberry one because i thought that's what i had to do.

would love to hear what some of your favorite investment pieces are! i hope everyone has a wonderful friday and weekend!