About Allie Provost | pret-a-provost fashion + travel blogger

i’m your typical born-and-raised mid-westener who had dreams of one day moving to the big apple! after spending four amazing years in washington dc for college, my dream finally came true. although, majoring in finance did not quite prepare my for my career at kate spade and my passion for blogging, it has not slowed me down one bit. i have always loved clothing and fashion, but thankfully i outgrew my matching velour jumpsuit days (those pictures will haunt me forever). after years of trial and error, my style has evolved to become a narrative of my personality: girly, classy and just a little bit sassy (okay a lot sassy)!

i created prêt-à-provost in early 2015 as a way to express and share my personal journey and to be a point of inspiration for those searching for it. 


so where does the name prêt-à-provost come from?

it’s an ode to france! when i was in the third grade, i began studying french and instantly fell in love. the beauty of the language, the people, and the culture were irresistible. i spent two weeks traveling france when i was in high school and there was no hesitation on deciding where i wanted to study abroad in college. paris will always have my heart and it truly feels like a second home. so the name itself is derived from the french/fashion term “prêt-à-porter” which means “ready to wear.” i want my readers and followers to be “ready” for anything! whether that is traveling, dressing, or living, you can truly do everything! so with a simple addition of my last name into the mix, prêt-à-provost was born!

thank you so much for stopping by. your constant support continues to drive me each and every day. i hope i will continue to inspire you as much as you all inspire me!

allie provost