flower of the flock

to me, summer has become synonymous with wolffer estate summer in a bottle rosé. from the sweetness to the perfectly refreshing taste, it's no wonder my family and i bought 10 cases for the summer! but let's be honest...the real reason i'm absolutely obsessed with this rosé is because of the bottle. can we talk about those colors!? so when i saw this dress, i instantly thought of summer in a bottle and couldn't help but pour myself a glass. what are some of your favorite summer drinks?

a step in the stripe direction

it's no secret that i'm mildly obsessed with stripes...so there was no surprise when i instantly fell in love with this flutter sleeved dress! oh, and pippa middleton kind of liked it too so no big deal. i have worn this dress on countless occasions (most of them being work) and the silhouette makes it perfect for anything life throws at you! i hope everyone has an amazing monday and an even better week ahead!

luck of the irish

full disclosure: i am not at all irish...but i'm not at all mad about looking like a modern-day twenty something leprechaun in this dress. being a redhead (and irish imposter), i was always told to wear green and that it was "my color." me and my closet full of everything but green strongly disagree. but now and again, i get lucky and find just the right shade! what instantly drew me to this dress was that the base is an ivory and just the details were green: totally manageable!

it's about time

as many of you remember, i had the most amazing time this year at the veuve clicquot polo classic. one thing that i didn't mention, was that i was approached by two men from the new york times style section and they asked to photograph and interview me about my outfit. queue the internal screaming! i tried my best to play it "cool" but i think you all can imagine how "not cool" i was. i immediately ran back to dana and freaked out about it for roughly 10 minutes (okay way longer than 10 minutes). my initial thought was to instastory the experience but my better judgement knew not to jinx it: an interview wasn't a guarantee to be in the paper. so i waited. i checked the two sunday papers following the classic but saw nothing as i assumed the style section was only published on that day. i began to give up hope thinking that i may have missed it  or was not included in the article but then the unthinkable happened: i received a facebook notification, while at work, where someone had mentioned that i was seen in the paper. i don't think i've ever googled anything so fast! and there it was, right before my eyes...myself in the new york times style section...and it was about time!

check please

i couldn't be happier that today is friday! mostly because this week was a completely normal work-week for me and i didn't get a long weekend for the fourth of july...retail problems. although i'm not going to the hamptons this weekend, this post has me itching to go back! this little gingham number was the perfect dress to stop by the maidstone hotel in east hampton and check out their new renovations! if you ever find yourself in search of a hotel when in the hamptons, i highly recommend the maidstone! so instead of coming to terms that i will not be out east this weekend, i will just pretend that i am!

call me twiggy

there is nothing i wouldn't give to be able to go back to the 60s and be best friends with twiggy...but i would be totally fine with 2017's twiggy too! she was such an influential force in modeling and, in my opinion, was the face of 60s fashion. the 60s were full of bold colors, funky earrings, and chic silhouettes: and this dress gave me all the feels!

taking shape

one thing people may not know about me is that i am a total math nerd - i even majored in finance in college! but one of my favorite segments of my math progression was geometry. now don't get me wrong, i will always have a special place in my heart for a good floral pattern but there is just something about a bold geometric print that makes me stop and stare! of course i needed to pair this statement skirt with my classic stripe tee (that i've had for ages) to add that extra pop! and as i was beginning this post, i saw jenn wear this same skirt three different ways. check out her post here! but we talk about that gingham top with it!? #stunning!

dots and stripes

as always, the weekend before the fourth of july are completely dedicated to all things red, white, and blue. as mentioned here, my go-to uniform for the all-american festivities are based in blue and white with pops of red. i loved adding polkadots into the mix as it is (shockingly) a print that a rarely wear. and let's be honest, polkadots are about as close as you can get to stars without looking like an actual american flag.

patriotism to the max

there is no color combo more patriotic than red, white, and blue (obviously). so with the fourth of july right around the corner, i'm getting a head start on all of my patriotic apparel! having red hair, i have always defaulted to wearing something blue and white and a hint of red. this outfit was no exception to my all-american uniform. and of course, who can forget these fabulous tassel earrings to top it all off!? now i just can't wait for the fireworks!

pink lady

it probably doesn't come as a surprise that filling your bag with flowers is not the most practical idea...but it is definitely the cutest accessory to an entirely pink outfit! if i had it my way, i would probably wear pink all day, every day and i got so excited when i saw this skirt at j.crew because i knew i could pair it with so many different things. adding this perfectly matched striped shirt into the mix and my transformation to a pink lady was complete!

concrete jungle

new york city can be a jungle...just minus any of the actual greenery. so i often resort to adding some green to the concrete with a fabulous print! this "jardin" print from kate spade's may collection jumped out at me as soon as i saw it - and i'm not going to lie, i basically wear this dress every day to work! the fun pops of color (can you see the little humming birds on the print too?) paired with the lace detail create the perfect spring dress to help me conquer the wilderness!

waving the white flag

is it too early in the season to wave my white flag? summer is here and mother nature is not being shy about it! the heat and humidity are in full swing and the only thing i can manage to put on in the morning are little (preferably white) dresses. when the humidity percentage is higher than my rent, i reach for dresses, like this one, that are easy, lightweight, and breathable! the open sleeve allows me to still be modest all while keeping me cool. the only thing this dress can't do is make the temperature go back down!

crop to the top

with summer's heat creeping upon us - okay it is already here because this week in nyc was hot - i keep finding myself reaching for one of my old favorite combos: the crop top paired with a high-waisted skirt. and bonus points if they match! crop tops are an amazing way to show off your waist and the entire skirt or bottom all while staying comfortable with the climbing temperatures. what are some of your favorite ways to stay cool and comfy during the summer?

garden party

have you ever scrolled through a website and immediately stoped everything because you found the most perfect dress in the whole wide world? well that happened to me and this dress. the colors were perfection and the jeweled details had my name written all over it! but, of course, the reason i truly love this dress is because it is the epitome of a perfect garden party dress. it was at this moment that i wished i lived in a home with a spacious backyard so i could host pinterest-worthy parties with my own signature cocktail! ...i really wish this all the time to be honest.

la vie en rosé

i don't think it comes as a surprise that the veuve clicquot polo classic is my favorite event of the year! this is the third time i have attended the event and not without my favorite champagne partner in crime, dana - read about our first and second years too! at this point, dana and i have become experts at mastering the polo classic and, in my opinion, we completely nailed it this year. we hopped on the first ferry to liberty state park, where the match is held, and stood right by the door so we could be the first ones off...can you tell we were excited? although this is our third year, it was only our second year in the rosé garden. being one of the first to arrive, we were able to park ourselves at some prime real estate right up front to watch* the match.

*drink closer to

mykonos // going places

our time in greece was quickly coming to an end and we couldn't believe we were on our last full day! not only did we not spend enough time in mykonos, i felt like i wanted to explore even more of the islands...i was just getting started!! but we came to terms with our the end of the trip and checked off the last few things on our to-do list! one of those things was riding an atv. i'm sorry...how cool are they! i definitely didn't feel cool enough driving one but andrea and i rocked our newest accessory with ease: and by ease, i mean practicing for roughly 5 hours before really being comfortable. this seemed to be the mode of transportation everyone resorted to and we obviously needed to do so to blend in.

mykonos // an unexpected stop

when originally planning our trip, we initially just planned to visit santorini and weren't even going to consider going to another island. but after a little bit of research, we concluded that we needed to visit mykonos as well. andrea and i didn't think anything could top santorini and we, truthfully, we had very low expectations for mykonos. once we hopped off the ferry from santorini and checked into our hotel, we knew we were in for a fun couple of days! we immediately dropped our bags off in our (stunning) room and headed right into town for an afternoon of exploration.

santorini // float your boat

our time in santorini was almost up, but one thing that was still on our bucket list was to take a cruise around the island to watch the sunset. we were so lucky to work with spiridakos and joined one of their semi-private cruises complete with food and drinks. earlier that day, the waters were so rocky that they had to cancel their afternoon excursion but thankfully it was safe enough for us by sunset! we had a scheduled pickup at 3:30pm from our hotel to head down to the marina so andrea and i decided to have a leisurely lunch by the pool. what started out as relaxing, quickly turned into a frantic race to get ready because the car had arrived at 2:30!