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colors of cape town

we saved the best for last for the final stop on our african getaway: cape town! once we arrived to our hotel (although i wanted to stay here but they were completely sold out), i was so happy to finally have stable access to air conditioning, plumbing, and wi-fi! i unpacked all of my things immediately when we got to our room and my family and i started planning out our agenda. my brother and i went down to the concierge prepared with a list of dinner recommendations from our friends but little did we know that the weekend before new year’s eve was going to be one of cape town’s busiest! oopsies! so instead of dinner at places like the pot luck club and the test kitchen, we kind of just got whatever was available…and there weren’t many options.

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my african safari photo diary

i know that during one of my posts last week, i mentioned that one of my intentions for this year is to write more on the blog. but with the plethora of photos from the safari alone, i knew i needed to dedicate a post entirely for the photos. for more of the details regarding the actual safari i went on discussing everything from packing to preparation, head to monday’s post here! for ease, i decided to break breakdown the photos into two sections starting with all of the outfit photos and then ending with the wildlife photos!

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surfin' safari: everything you need to know about going on a safari

happy monday everyone!

i am so excited to finally be able to sit down and share all of the details of my trip to africa back in december! while this wasn’t my first time in africa (or going on a safari), it was my first time going as a photographer and/or blogger or even being slightly prepared for what was to come. the last time i went to africa was when i was in high school when my parents and i went to malawi for a mission trip and then onto a nearby safari with an ending in zambia. we went during august so the weather was tolerable but still hot during the day. and don’t even let me get started on my atrocious packing job! back in 2010, pinterest just started but it wasn’t really a “thing” yet, so i really didn’t have any resources to figure out what to wear. as a result, i basically packed nike shorts and t-shirts and felt so out of place. this time around, it was my chance to redo it all, and redo it right!

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philly // the city of brotherly love and great food

happy monday everyone! i’m so excited to finally be sharing all of the details of amanda’s and my quick trip to philadelphia! it had been about 13 years years since i last visited this once capital of the united states and i was so excited to be heading back as an adult! amanda and i made the easy two hour drive down to philly the thursday evening before labor day weekend and we were honored to partner with the ritz carlton while in town.

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planes, and trains, and cars, oh my!

coming off of one of the longest travel days i've ever had in my life, arriving in positano was like arriving to the promise land...i had finally made it! but getting there was no easy feat. after my short 18-hours in mexico city, i hopped on a plane and headed to atlanta. after going through customs, i got on another international flight and this time to rome. from the rome airport, i had to take a train to the rome train station where i had to transfer to another train to get to the naples train station. when i arrived to the naples train station, i had a car pick me up and make the windy one and a half hour journey to the stunning positano to meet up with ashley! all in all it was a 24 hour travel day...i was exhausted! but there was no time to waste because ashley and i had a very tight schedule to keep.

top: msgm
skirt: dolce & gabbana (old, last seen here and similar here)
shoes: chanel (similar here and here)
bracelets: cartier
bag: tory burch
sunglasses: givenchy

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hallstatt // the storybook town

well the time has come...this is officially the last post from my european extravaganza! as a closet pinterest-er, i stumbled upon the most picturesque town of hallstatt when searching for locations in austria. sitting just an hour outside of salzburg, my mom and i decided to make the drive to see my pinterest board come to life. thankfully our sound of music tour guide from the day before gave us amazing pointers for this quaint little town.

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salzburg // the hills are alive

well the time has finally come for me to share my favorite day of the entire trip...the sound of music tour! knowing we were going to be in austria, i could not leave the country without visiting the location of one of my favorite movies. so after our night at the ballet (and visiting one more museum for my mom in the morning), we hopped back in the car and drove the three and a half hours to salzburg listening to the sound of music the entire way. it was dark upon our arrival but we knew we were in for so much fun when we checked into the hotel sacher. even through the minimal lights, the view from our room was stunning! after ordering room service, we immediately went to bed because we had an early wakeup call.

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