planes, and trains, and cars, oh my!

coming off of one of the longest travel days i've ever had in my life, arriving in positano was like arriving to the promise land...i had finally made it! but getting there was no easy feat. after my short 18-hours in mexico city, i hopped on a plane and headed to atlanta. after going through customs, i got on another international flight and this time to rome. from the rome airport, i had to take a train to the rome train station where i had to transfer to another train to get to the naples train station. when i arrived to the naples train station, i had a car pick me up and make the winding one and a half hour journey to the stunning positano to meet up with ashley! all in all it was a 24 hour travel day...i was exhausted! but there was no time to waste because ashley and i had a very tight schedule to keep.

because we were only staying in positano for one night, ashley and i decided to splurge and stay at le sirenuse. there were truly no words to how incredible this hotel was. we were greeted in our rooms with a bottle of champagne and a picturesque view. but as much as i wanted to plop right on the bed and go to sleep, i quickly did my hair and changed my outfit to take photos in and around our hotel and head to another positano hot-spot: il san pietro. just a short drive away from the center of the city and our hotel, il san pietro gives visitors a stunning overlook of positano while enjoying a tiled balcony that is right out of a dolce and gabbana ad.

we stayed here to watch the sun set and it was simply breathtaking. and while we were taking in the view, we realized how starving we were. so instead of just grabbing a bite at one of the touristy restaurants on our way back to the hotel, the concierge was miraculously able to get a pizza place to deliver us a pizza. yes we had a pizza delivered to our hotel room in positano. can you tell we are american? haha! but it was truly the perfect end to the perfect (and ridiculously long) day and i had never been so happy to go to sleep.

stay tuned for more posts from italy!

top: msgm
skirt: dolce & gabbana (old, last seen here and similar here)
shoes: chanel (similar here and here)
bracelets: cartier
bag: tory burch
sunglasses: givenchy