18 hours in mexico city


hot off the heels from my family wedding in puerto vallarta, my parents and i took a quick trip to mexico city. my parents had time to stay the entire weekend but my time was limited to a mere 18 hours because i had to hop on a plane first thing in morning for my next adventure. needless to say the moment we landed in mexico city, it was crunch time! we started off at one of the most stunning buildings in the city: palacio de bellas artes.

this building houses many operas, ballets, and various theater performances in mexico city. and while i may not have had enough time to actually see one of them, the view from the outside of the building was breathtaking enough!

in that same area, just a block away, was the casa de los azulejos (translating to the house of tiles). this tiled masterpiece spanned an entire block and each one was perfectly placed. it was originally built just before 1800 without the famous blue tiles but then later remodeled to give this home it's popular name.

as stunning as these first two stops of the day were, they were simply the appetizer for the main event. my mom and i have always had an affinity for architecture and knew that a trip to mexico city would not have been complete without seeing a few luis barragán homes. i was familiar with his home and studio near the heart of mexico city but it wasn't until ana posted a photo from one of his homes about 45 minutes outside the center that i discovered this architectural masterpiece.

there were truly no words and i felt like a kid in a candy store; there was just so much to look at! while people of the public may go and visit, it is still a private residence and must ask permission and pay a touring fee to the owner. this is fairly similar to many of his other designs around the city. this location in particular is the stables. and there were even two horses on the property! 

the next luis barragán design that we ventured to was back inside the city. the drive back, however, was definitely not as fun or easy as the one leaving...all thanks to the traffic! you would think, though, that living in nyc has prepped me for traffic in the rest of the world but you would be wrong (but nothing will compare to the horrendous traffic of são paulo)! this time we headed to casa gilardi and i had so much fun dancing down the colorful halls!

at this moment we were wiped and in desperate need of a margarita...and maybe some chips and salsa and some tacos but we weren't picky haha! thankfully our hotel had everything we ever needed on the menu and sat outside on the stunning patio to enjoy the evening.

while my stay in mexico was short, i was able to accomplish almost everything that i wanted to! we finished off the day with our tacos and i nearly passed out because i was so tired!

up next i'm going to share a few posts from nyc before i fully dive into the italy ones but i seriously cannot wait to share them with you! hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

dress: zara (similar here and here)
shoes: gianvito rossi
bag: anthropologie
bracelets: cartier
earrings: katerina markiyianni
sunglasses: gucci