lilac to me


spring is here! so bring on all of the flowy dresses and handbags filled with flowers! this is truly one of my favorite times of the year because the flowers and trees are starting to come back to life and the unbearable heat hasn't quite hit yet. when julia engel released her stunning line of dresses, i knew i was going to be obsessed from the start! from her first month's collection, i purchased six dresses...yes six! while my intention was to overbuy to scope out the collection and then later return, i ended up keeping almost all of them. but out of all the dresses, this one had to have been my favorite. aside from the color, the fabric felt the highest quality of the ones i ordered and i just felt like maria von trapp in it! so overall it was a win! i cannot wait to see what she keeps putting out every month!

did you buy any dresses from the collection? would love to hear which ones were your favorite!

dress: gal meets glam collection
shoes: stuart weitzman
bag: j.crew
bracelets: cartier
ring: david yurman
earrings: kate spade
sunglasses: linda farrow