hallstatt // the storybook town

well the time has come...this is officially the last post from my european extravaganza! as a closet pinterest-er, i stumbled upon the most picturesque town of hallstatt when searching for locations in austria. sitting just an hour outside of salzburg, my mom and i decided to make the drive to see my pinterest board come to life. thankfully our sound of music tour guide from the day before gave us amazing pointers for this quaint little town.

for starters, there are no cars allowed inside the town. so wolfgang told us about the most convenient parking spots so we didn't have to walk very far! we definitely passed it one or two times (okay six) because it's located right in the middle of the tunnel running through the mountain. if you're not paying attention, you will most definitely miss it! we snagged a parking spot and headed down the stairs to explore.

our first stop was another wolfgang recommendation: the hallstatt skywalk. here you take a trolley up the mountain to a view that simply takes your breath away. from this view you completely overlook the town and the surrounding mountains. with all of the excitement on my end, i forgot to take any photos on my camera! #rookiemistake

we then hopped around between shops and cute little alleys until we stumbled on a restaurant for lunch. and here, i was finally able to try wiener schnitzel! ...which i found out is literally just fried veal most often served with a side of potatoes. it was absolutely delicious but i couldn't help but be surprised as to how simple it was! fun fact: schnitzel with noodles is not a thing...because, no, i totally didn't ask.

all in all, hallstatt was perfect for a day trip but i am thankful we decided not to spend the night there. of course i was exhausted at this point from the trip and would not have wanted to change to another hotel but there are a very limited amount of hotels and you have to lug your bags down all the stairs from the parking spots. no thank you! so we kept our stay short and sweet.

and before anyone asks, yes i wore the same outfit two days in a row because i only had room for one 20 pound coat in my 14 suitcases haha. oops!

and just as an honorable mention: these boots seriously got me through the entire trip! if you haven't noticed, i have them in both the green and the black and still wear them nearly every day!

hallstatt was the perfect finale to one of the longest trips i have ever taken! it was like walking right into a fairytale and i completely see why pinterest is so infatuated with it.

so now...where should i head next??

cloak: lindsey thornburg (also love this one here)
top: kate spade
jeans: dl1961 (also love these)
shoes: tory burch
sunglasses: gucci