new year, same me

wow, it's 2016 already!? ...that was fast. 2015 was an unbelievable year. i accomplished so much personally and professionally this past year that i will always look back and smile. for starters, this blog launched in april, which was the result of months of planning alongside natalie of catalina creative. she really brought my vision to life when designing prêt-à-provost. and even choosing a name was the hardest decision! since then, i have had so much fun planning outfits, traveling, and discovering my love for photography. i invested in a canon 5d mark ii camera and having ann gordon as a photography teacher was a dream come true!

oh and i graduated college - so i guess that was an accomplishment too. in may, i graduated from the george washington university with a degree in finance (yes, i'm a math nerd) and i was so thankful to have gone to school in washington, dc. after four years of countless internships - and a job at this little store called kate spade - i was offered a job working for bloomingdale's in new york freaking city.

moving to nyc was quite the adventure. half of my stuff got lost and i had a hissy fit with how hot it was over the summer. my hair and humidity is not a great mix. but i did brave the heat just long enough to go to the veuve clicquot polo classic with dana and it was definitely one of my highlights of if we could just get to the rosé garden next year. the last part of my summer was spent with my favorite travel companion (my mom) going to london, venice, and paris. it was also the introduction of the prêt-à-voyager tab on the blog! here i was able to give you all an up-close look at all of the adventures on our travels.

even though i am in a much different place at the beginning of this year compared to 2015, i'm really the same me. my relationships have definitely changed: getting closer to some people and letting go of those toxic relationships. my priorities have also shifted as i am focusing more on my personal development and working on putting the phone down more often and getting back to the basics. this year has made me get to know me a little better - as a blogger, friend, and person. i'm thankful for the lessons this year has brought and i hope 2016 brings happiness as well as challenges.

i decided this year to go all out for new year's eve. i've had such an amazing year that i needed to end it on the same note. i spent the weekend staying with my friend maddie in washington, dc and we had a blast attending the masquerade ball at the howard theatre with a group of friends. i've never been the kind of person to like new year's eve, but this year there was something special in the air and i was just happy. my new year's, however, wouldn't have been the same if it weren't thanks to this alice and olivia outfit. one part classy and one part sassy - the perfect combo!

i truly felt like cinderella and i topped it off with a little veuve of course! i hope everyone enjoyed their new year's and i wish you all a year of health and happiness.

jacket: alice & olivia
dress: alice & olivia
shoes: steve madden
necklaces: kate spade, henri bendel
rings: kate spade, gorjana, henri bendel, bleecker + spring
bag: m2malletier
sunglasses: karen walker

p.s. my new year's resolution is to avoid the gym and i'm succeeding already!