michigan cherries

happy monday everyone!

there is nothing like a much needed trip back to my home state of michigan and thankfully i had a week off from work to go! i don't think it comes as a surprise, but i love fall - and there is no fall quite like a michigan fall. so immediately upon my arrival, i headed to the world famous (err, town famous) franklin cider mill for the perfect autumn treat: cider and doughnuts. and when i say these are the best doughnuts and cider, i mean it! i literally could have had 30...but thankfully i had self control. aka i had no more money.

while i was home, i wanted to revisit a place i haven't been to since i was a kid: mackinac island (pronounced mack-in-awe). in drastic opposition to new york city, this quaint little island is only 8 miles around and there are no cars allowed...dead serious! the only modes of transportation available are horse and buggies or biking. i mean you could also walk buuuuut no thank you.

my mom and i decided to head up there for a few days and had the luxury of staying at the stunning grand hotel with its magnificent front porch (you can catch a glimpse of it on the right-hand side on a few of the pictures). but more on the trip and hotel details later! for now i leave you with the outfit i wore for dinner on our first night on the island to the jockey club.

i hope everyone has a wonderful day!

top: kate spade (it has a removable collar and comes in grey here!)
skirt: j.crew
shoes: kate spade
bracelets: cartier
bag: chanel
sunglasses: dior