25 going on 95

today is a very special post on a very special day. today is my 25th birthday and i definitely have some thoughts about turning a quarter of a century old. totally no freak outs here. no. why would you ask?? but in all seriousness, i am so thankful for the years behind me and couldn't be more grateful for where i am today. with an amazing support system by my side, i have managed to accomplish so much personally and professionally and i cannot wait to see what the future holds for me. so with all of this being said, in honor of turning 25 years old, i will be sharing 25 fun facts about myself!

- 1 -
i am a huge finance nerd! so much so that i even majored in it in college. and obviously dana solicits me for advice from time to time. i should probably start charging her a fee...

- 2 -
i grew up in a small and charming suburb outside of detroit but couldn't wait to leave. i even got an internship working for michigan senator debbie stabenow and moved to washington, dc the day after i ended high school. clearly i was eager to get out.

- 3 -
i have always loved dance and was classically trained in cecchetti ballet for 13 years! i danced on my high school's nationally ranked dance team for all four years and was even on my college's dance team (fabulously called the first ladies) during my freshman year!

- 4 -
obviously i have red hair, but i've only recently grown to love it. as a kid, i always resented it because it drew so much attention to me and made me stick out. but it has shaped my personality and i ended up writing my college essay about it! and it clearly worked because i went to gwu.

- 5 -
although i would not categorize myself as religious, my family is. my grandparents and great grandparents on my dad's side were presbyterian missionaries in korea which is why my dad was born in korea! this is always one of my "truths" in two truths and a lie...i get the "so if you're from africa, why are you white?" look.

- 6 -
people always assume that my parents are redheads before they meet them but i actually got my red hair from my grandmother on my father's side. i have no idea how both my brother and i ended up with the gene.

- 7 -
though my brother and i look very similar, of everyone in my family i most strongly resemble my dad. see here! we even have the same smile where our teeth dooooon't quite touch.

- 8 -
i have always loved fashion but i didn't gain a full grasp of my style until college. i can even remember the horrible outfit i wore on my first day of high school. pink juicy zip up, an mtv t-shirt that i had gotten in nyc weeks prior, abercrombie flared jeans, birkenstocks, and my hair in a ponytail with a blue headband.
no. joke.

- 9 -
if i had a choice of only buying new clothes versus vintage, i would always choose vintage! but the waistlines were much smaller back in the day and the chances of vintage clothes fitting me are slim haha. the hat in this post was actually my mom's from the early 70s! she told me it used to be her brunching hat. so naturally i stole it to make it mine.

- 10 -
my favorite thing to shop for is a fabulous pair of shoes because i always feel skinny when buying shoes! i joke and say my ankles are only skinny part of me so any shoe that accentuates them is a shoe for me!

- 11 -
i always have a severe case of wanderlust and the wildest vacation i have ever been on was to africa. my parents and i stopped in malawi to visit a school that i helped raise money for in high school, and ended in zambia for a safari. truly a surreal trip! can anyone guess where my next big trip is going to be??
*hint hint*

- 12 -
my dream vacation would be to india. i just think there is so much culture and beauty there that i want to hop on a plane tomorrow!

- 13 -
i'm obsessed with broadway and musicals. i was always in plays growing up and was even the lead in my 8th grade musical production. buuut that's not saying much because the entire school was less than 180 people. my favorite show at the moment is dear evan hansen. hamilton was great and all, but ben platt stole my heart!

- 14 -
on that note, although one would think i can sing because i mentioned i was the lead in that play, i can't. i love to sing but really shouldn't. my parent's even said that i should stick to something else ha! but in the most loving and supportive way possible of course.

- 15 -
one talent i wish i had (besides the ability to sing) is drawing. i constantly see those people on instagram who can quickly sketch out ballgowns and i'm always envious of them. but i can't complain too much because my mom did sign me up for a fashion illustration class when i was in high school but then never went after the first session. sorry mom!

- 16 -
if i had any super power, it would definitely be the ability to fly. like how cool would that be!? and i could go at any speed (aka fly to paris in 5 mins...duh).

- 17 -
one thing that will never fail to entertain me is stand-up comedy. i'm always searching for new specials and will scroll for hours to find some! most recently i watched ryan hamilton: happy face, and i was literally crying laughing on the floor. my neighbors are definitely used that. some other favorites are jerry seinfeld, of course, and john mulaney.

- 18 -
my favorite color is pink...obviously...but my favorite color combination is black and white (i mean did you see the post??)

- 19 -
living in nyc, i often forget to do the things that tourists do. i've walked the brooklyn bridge and of course have gone to the top of the rock but one thing that is still on my nyc bucket list is to go to the statue of liberty. i feel like i should probably do that soon.

- 20 -
my favorite type of pizza is not new york or chicago style pizza...it's actually detroit style! that probably doesn't come as a shock as that was what i grew up on but it's the perfect medium between thin crust and deep dish. it's similar to a sicilian slice but so much better than that!

- 21 -
obviously i love pizza but my weaknesses are chicken nuggets from mcdonald's. #sorrynotsorry

- 22 -
i have no idea how to actually do my own hair. this also resulted in me becoming addicted to drybar. i would say i go on average once a week. i just recently got the barfly membership and i have no idea why it took me so long!

- 23 -
my most recent musical obsession is jazz and would love to go to a jazz club of some kind here in nyc. mostly to wear a fabulous dress to dance in buuuut yeah, the music too.

- 24 -
here in nyc i live on the upper east side with all my fellow quiet old people. but if i had it my way, i would live downtown in the west village. the charming brownstones are just picturesque but "charm" in nyc doesn't come with such a charming price tag.

- 25 -
my idea of a good time is going to bed at 9:30 with a bottle of pinot noir and netflix...hence why i'm 25 going on 95 and i wouldn't change a thing.

okay phew! i didn't realize how hard thinking of 25 fun facts was going to be but i did it! so cheers to 25 years and now queue my quarter life crisis!

coat: altuzarra
shoes: manolo blahnik
hat: vintage (love this and this)
earrings: vintage chanel
clutch: valentino
sunglasses: linda farrow