rain or shine

whenever i travel or have an outdoor event, i check the weather obsessively. as in i whip out the radar and become the female al roker. so before leaving for london, i knew rain was going to be inevitable...it was just a matter of when it was going to happen. the weather predictions seemed to change every 10 minutes so we left a lot of our planning up to fate. aside from the crazy winds our first day there (anyone remember the snap of dana's hat flying off!?), the weather seemed to be on our side. but there was one morning where we weren't so lucky.

as if our 6am wake up calls weren't hard enough, it was brutal to know we were heading out into rain. but the worst part? the weather app just said it was "cloudy" leaving us is the "greatest" of moods. so dana and i waited out the worst of the rain in the nearest starbucks. just when we were about to give up and just head to our next stop, the rain let up just a bit and we made it work (shoutout to tim gunn).

so before we knew it, we were back in the heated uber and off to our next location! sometimes all you need is a little patience and willingness to work in the elements...rain or shine.

coat: zara (also love this one)
turtleneck: theory
dress: andrew gn (similar here)
shoes: kate spade
bag: saint laurent
sungalsses: karen walker