it's about time

as many of you remember, i had the most amazing time this year at the veuve clicquot polo classic. one thing that i didn't mention, was that i was approached by two men from the new york times style section and they asked to photograph and interview me about my outfit. queue the internal screaming! i tried my best to play it "cool" but i think you all can imagine how "not cool" i was. i immediately ran back to dana and freaked out about it for roughly 10 minutes (okay way longer than 10 minutes). my initial thought was to instastory the experience but my better judgement knew not to jinx it: an interview wasn't a guarantee to be in the paper. so i waited. i checked the two sunday papers following the classic but saw nothing as i assumed the style section was only published on that day. i began to give up hope thinking that i may have missed it  or was not included in the article, but then the unthinkable happened. i received a facebook notification, while at work, where someone had mentioned that i was seen in the paper. i don't think i've ever googled anything so fast! and there it was, right before my eyes...myself in the new york times style section...and it was about time!

my internal scream quickly became an external one as everyone at work was celebrating with me! although, admittedly, it was not the greatest picture of myself - i was sunburned on my shoulder, i was slouching, and not "sucking in" - i couldn't get off cloud 9! to be included alongside neil patrick harris, kate mara, and nacho figueras was something i never would have fathomed. the second i left work, i ran to the nearest newsstand and bought every last copy they had! i then noticed that not only was i on the back page with all of my fellow polo-goers, but i was above the fold on the front of the style section. actually died.

being featured in the new york times style section was truly a dream come true and i have no idea how anything will be able to top it this year!

blazer: asos
top: club monaco (old, similar here)
pants: asos
shoes: ferragamo (old, last seen here - love these)
bracelets: cartier
bag: saint laurent
sunglasses: linda farrow