colors of the wind

well i tried my best to get this post up by this morning but poor internet where i was in mexico wasn't really cooperating with i guess this will just be an extra special late night edition!

to give a little back story on this post, a few years ago, i saw the stunning rach parcell visit the dreamiest of tulip fields. as much as i would have loved to hop on a plane and jet off to washington state, back then, i would never have been able to justify flying to the other side of the country to visit a field of flowers. but now? it's a whole different story. thankfully i was able to persuade dana to come along with me just a few weeks before the skagit valley tulip festival began and what seemed like only days later, we were on our way to seattle! we arrived to the rainy city tired after our 6am flight but this meant we had the whole day to explore downtown. we dropped our bags off at our hotel and headed to the typical seattle hotspots (but more on that later).

knowing seattle was a little more on the rainy side, we had reserved two full days (planning to head out to the fields on friday with saturday as a backup) just in case one of them was raining. but what we didn't take into consideration was that both of the days could have been rainy...which they inevitably were. in fact, every single day we were there, including our two travel days were rainy...typical seattle. 

but dana and i didn't fly across the country not to go to these fields. we decided to suck it up and go on friday because we figured it would be less busy and just stalked the weather radar for the hours with patches of no rain. we started early in the day and made the roughly one hour drive to skagit valley where the tulips were located. throughout the drive it was raining on and off and we just prayed that the rain would stop when we arrived to the fields. once we parked the car, it, of course, started raining with freezing/strong gusts of wind. thanks mother nature. so dana and i did what any blogger would do...and we waited. about 45 minutes later (yes we are very dedicated), while the wind was still kicking, the rain finally decided to take a breather and we ran to the fields. 

the colors of the tulips were everything i hoped they would be and the rows seemed endless. we even completely forgot that it was such a gloomy day because the flowers were just glowing! after we got our photos we jetted back to the car (but not after we got some fudge at the gift shop of course!) to warm up and make the one hour journey back into seattle.

and of course we weren't able to get to these tulips by a magic carpet (it was booked that weekend) but thankfully lexus came to the rescue with the cutest little red sports car (also check out dana's post! doesn't she look so chic!?)! it made dana and me feel much cooler than we were!

with the freezing temperatures, gusts of wind, and dodging the rain, we actually had the best time! and now after seeing olivia's post from her trip to amsterdam, i think i may have to persuade dana to head there next year!

top: tome
skirt: brock collection
boots: hunter
umbrella: hunter
necklace: kate spade
earrings: tuckernuck (sold out, similar here)
bag: zara (old, similar here)
sunglasses: gucci