on the rhode

we've been having some pretty miserable weather here in nyc but thankfully i have been escaping to the hamptons for the last few weekends! and i almost always have to drag dana out with me...but it doesn't take much convincing haha! when i'm out east, i very seldom take my camera out and work but when i got this rhode resort dress in, i couldn't help but shoot it while the hydrangeas were in bloom!

while there are so many cute spots in the hamptons, one of my favorite locations is the maidstone. it's a picturesque inn just south of downtown east hampton and has the cutest restaurant! even though i have a house out east, i still would love to stay there just once to experience it fully! stay tuned for that!


dress: rhode resort
bag: cult gaia
shoes: fendi
earrings: vanda jacintho
bracelets: cartier
sunglasses: gucci

photos by lydia hudgens