black friday

black friday is officially upon us!! sales are going on literally everywhere in an effort to kick off the official start to the holiday season! this is all fun and games until you actually work in the retail industry (like me #bloomiesforlyfe) and don't get the entire week off. so in this case, black friday is the most dreaded day of the year. so yay! with this in mind, please remember to be extra nice to all of those sales associates (some of whom just started and/or are seasonal employees) and be kind to other shoppers. for some reason this day brings out the negative in people but let's all remember the holiday that just passed - thanksgiving. be thankful for the things you do have and keep in mind the true meaning of the holidays! that's just my little spiel.

now...on to this amazing coat! i have a little inside scoop about kate spade; this monday is going to be 30% off all full-priced items, which includes this coat!! eek! now for a complete list of all the sales going on this friday, feel free to head on over to my friend dana's blog (pink champagne problems) for her post on all things black friday because i'm too lazy to list them all out.

in the meantime, happy shopping!

coat: kate spade (i'm also going to be buying this one)
dress: theory (also seen here and here)
boots: steve madden
bag: givenchy
sunglasses: karen walker