give thanks

i can't believe how fast this year is going by...i mean, it's already the holiday season! but hey, i'm not complaining! i love getting together with family and friends and really just appreciating one another. this past thanksgiving was one of my favorites to date where i spent the holiday at the university club (with an open bar). this year i have been so incredibly blessed with an amazing job and support team. especially when it comes to this little blog of mine, i am truly thankful for all of my friends and family who have helped me.

this time of year i just get so happy and hope everyone else is appreciative of the things they already have in their lives. sure materialistic gifts are fun, but it's the experiences and relationships that are the most important.

sometimes working in the retail world, you don't always see the good side of people: so this holiday season, i urge you all to be kind to all employees as we are all trying our best. it's not going to be the end of the world if the one item you wanted is out of stock...the world lives on.

so this post has been a little different; can you guess what it is? no sunglasses! i'm often asked why i always wear sunglasses in my pictures and there are a few reasons. first reason is that i'm allergic to eye makeup and can only wear this mascara from bare minerals (without my eyes getting irritated) so with pale skin, i get washed out in pictures. second reason is that i'm very insecure about how small my eyes are...i know weird right? but we all have our quirks. and lastly, when shooting in sunglasses, i never have to worry about my eyes being closed or looking in an awkward direction, which makes shooting outfit posts much more efficient.

phew, well there you have it - probably my longest post to date! and remember to enjoy the holidays!

jacket: alice and olivia
dress: kate spade (also bought the coat version here)
shoes: chanel
clutch: kate spade (old but just bought this one!)
rings: david yurman, henri bendel