fall is blossoming

fall is here! fall is here! fall is here!!!! ...finally

this was all great news until i realized there were still some key summer pieces that i hadn't worn! i sat in front of my closet for what seemed like an hour trying to make this pink floral skirt feel like fall. buried in my drawer i found this forgotten theory sweater (that i got at their outlet just outside dc!) and it paired so well with this eliza j skirt from nordstrom and the chanel necklace that i got from bloomingdale's!

so where was i heading in my mixed-seasoned outfit? brunch of course! and at none other than jack's wife freda, which, is basically instagram famous. these pictures were taken during our one hour wait. yup. this place was hoppin! with the plethora of instagrams and countless recommendations from friends, i thought this restaurant was going to be out of this world amazing. my expectations were unfortunately not met even though the food looked amazing, my friend fendi and i got the madame freda sandwich and a waffle avec berries respectively with fries to share. although fendi's sandwich was good, the fries and waffle were subpar. i was disappointed because it's pretty simple to make a waffle (i know how to make one and i don't even cook) and the cute and cozy atmosphere couldn't make up for it. overall i was glad i went to get the experience but i will definitely not be returning for a while.

have an amazing week everyone and hopefully the predicted week of rain isn't terrible!

top: theory (old, similar here)
skirt: eliza j
shoes: kate spade
necklace: chanel
bag: madewell
sunglasses: dior