mackinac island // somewhere in time

i can't believe how long it has been since i have been back home to michigan (last post was here!). so with a few days off from work, i headed back to the mitten with the intention of heading up to mackinac (pronounced mack-in-awe) island with my mom #girlstrip.

there are a few reasons this island is incredibly special to me. the first reason is my family and i used to make the 5 hour drive from detroit countless times during my childhood. especially during the summers, our trips were filled with endless games of bocce ball, horseback riding, and sunbathing to get my perfect summer tan (err burn). it was also a chance for my dad to share a little piece of his upbringing as well. although my dad was born in south korea (#funfact), he spent a good portion of his childhood in mackinac city when his family moved back to the states. he even worked for ryba's fudge shop and drove the ferry to and from the island! getting a chance to go back as an adult gave me so much appreciation for those vacations.

i am also obsessed with the fact that mackinac island is a snapshot in history. this 8-mile round island is known for it's fudge, classic charm, and lack of modern transportation. that's right: no cars allowed! so how are tourists and residents supposed to get around? horse and buggy of course! you can also opt for a bike or the old fashioned walking. getting to and from the island is done solely through boat or ferry. as a kid, i always remember running to the ferry to get a seat on the top so i could get the best view of the island. the most prominent landmark is the grand hotel. this iconic hotel has the world's most incredible porch (according to me) lined with american flags and white pillars that seem 500 feet tall. guests are also required to wear cocktail attire during dinner hours on the front porch...because #klassy. the hotel was also the setting for the film somewhere in time. i watched it once when i was a kid so all i can tell you is it has to do with time travel and a penny. but onto more important outfit.

i decided to mix a little jackie-o with a little j.crew for our main day of exploration. this tweed jacket has been the perfect addition to my wardrobe and loved dressing it down with a simple pair of jeans and black flats. i was ready for all kinds of activities in this outfit but none more important than the 3 pounds of fudge i ate. okay fine it was 5 pounds. heading back to mackinac island was the perfect blast from the past and i recommend spending a weekend or even just a day on the island when your travels take you to northern michigan.

jacket: j.crew (also love this one)
top: gap
jeans: rag & bone
shoes: chanel (love these ones)
necklace: jet set candy
ring: kate spade
bag: mansur gavriel
sunglasses: dior