ace of spades

happy monday everyone!!

it's a new week and i have some exciting news that i have been dying to share with you all! some of you may have seen a sneak over on snapchat (username aaprovost) that i made the very hard decision to leave bloomingdale's. i have been with the company as an executive in the flagship store for more than a year but i knew it was time for a change.

and that change is kate spade!! a few weeks ago i accepted a position with one of my favorite companies to be the vip stylist - or as kate spade so whimsically puts it: master muse - at the madison avenue store here in nyc. saying goodbye to the company that gave me my start right out of college was tough, but i couldn't be more excited (and a little nervous) that my next step is back at kate spade.

some of you may know this isn't my first rendez-vous with miss spade. i started with the company back in 2012 as a part time sales associate in dc while attending the george washington university. so needless to say, i was hooked on the brand! so to celebrate my return to the colorful company, i am not sharing a new outfit today but my favorite kate spade pieces over the past few years. so buckle up for a trip down memory lane:

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and just as a reward for making it all the way through this post, i have one more piece of ahhhmazing news! my fave blogger girls and i (dana, mollie, andrea, and jordan) will be taking over the instagram tomorrow for takeover tuesday!! like whaaat!? we will be featuring all of our photos from our girl's weekend in the hamptons and sharing our outfits from our totally cliché fall activities!!

actually shaking with excitement as this week will go in the books as one of the best weeks ever...and it's only monday!!