provence // antiques and adventures

well we made it to day two and i barely made it out of bed as i was still stuffed from dinner the night before. but somehow the smell of bacon got me out of bed...that typically does the trick. we had a full docket for the day ahead of us and i blamed the bacon for putting us behind schedule. we had two major stops to make for the day: the first was antiquing in l'isle-sur-la-sorgue followed by a stop to fontaine-de-vaucluse just a short drive away.

first up was la sorgue! now, there are very little differences between new york and provence. and i mean very little. but the one thing that remained constant between my home and provence was that parking was scarce. and because i am not one to wake up early to beat the crowds, we inevitably were stuck with the very last parking spot a mile away. on our mile-long walk from our parking spot, we cam across countless antique stores that we just had to pop into before hitting up the (yet another) market.

we ended up losing track of time in l'isle-sur-la-sorgue and had to scurry back to our car to dash off to our next stop. during the drive, it began to rain and i kept optimistic that it would let up. if you were following me on snapchat (username: aaprovost) you would have seen that i kept trying to pretend that it wasn't actually raining...

we ended up spotting this little side street just before getting to fontaine-de-vaucluse and just hopped out to take some pictures...regardless of the rain.

the rain continued to be inconsistent the rest of the afternoon so we thought it was best to just carry our umbrellas with us. and the weirdest part: there were multiple times when it was sunny and rainy! i felt so weird wearing sunglasses and carrying an umbrella! so once arriving to fontaine-de-voucluse, i was so happy i had them. the city was built around a spring in the valley of the mountain so that was our main event for the afternoon.

in order to get to the spring, we made (what seemed like) the never-ending hike. i was unaware of the extent of the "hike" so i just wore these flats...not a great idea. the walk itself was very pretty, minus the whole on-and-off raining thing. however, once we arrived to the top, i realized i set my expectations a little too high. the view of the spring left something to be desired. whoops! so it was back down the hill and stopped for a little ice cream on our way out! totally making everything worth it.

the second city may not have been the most exciting but it was definitely a rainy-day adventure! stay tuned for more posts and be sure to follow along on snapchat!

dress: barney's
shoes: chloe
bracelets: david yurman, hermes
earrings: kate spade
bag: madewell
sunglasses: dior