the cold shoulder

this unintentional second shoulder-titled post in a row is brought to you by one of the outfits i wore in charleston! with the heat and humidity reaching unbearable limits around 9am (really 24/7 but i'm not complaining), it was necessary that we leave the hotel at 7am promptly every morning in order for us to not completely sweat all of our clothing off for pictures...tmi??

i have recently become obsessed with lauren conrad's clothing line called paper crown! this one shoulder dress caught my eye and not only was it comfortable but it kept me cool all day! well, as cool as i could be in 95 degree heat and 100% humidity. i loved wearing this dress while exploring charleston on the hotel's complementary bikes and stopping at every bakery and ice cream shop we could find - essentially eating our way through the city! be prepared to see more of this brand in the future!

dress: paper crown (comes in three colors!)
shoes: chanel
bag: mansur gavriel
bracelet: cartier
sunglasses: celine