tailor made

working in the fashion and retail industry, i know firsthand that it is incredibly rare to get a perfect fit. there is always some tweaking that could be done to get the piece to fit just right. and for me that tweaking sometimes requires a little more manual labor than i would probably like to admit. in a world of sizes small, medium and large (or 1, 2, and 3...i'm giving you major side eye maje), those not included in those categories get pushed to the sidelines and i start getting creative.

having my pieces tailor made takes time, effort, and of course money, but it is a worthy investment simply because i am more likely to wear the piece if it fits perfectly. one of the easiest styles for me to fix is a midi skirt. all i have to do is simply have the hem shorted to the amount i need to add to the waist and voila! two weeks later, a skirt that normally would never have fit me, suddenly is on repeat in my outfit rotation. most recently, i had that procedure done to this skirt that i wore in london!

but alas, we get to this outfit; would you be able to guess what i had tailor made? the vest of course! when i was in london, i went into every zara to try to find this vest in a size large and continuously left each location empty-handed. finally, i was able to find a store that had the vest but only in a medium. i was devastated...i know, first world problems, but hang in here with me for a second. i tried on the medium for size and it was so small that i knew a large wouldn't have worked either. i made a split decision and bought two of the vests with the plan to have them sewn together. needless to say, it turned out beautifully and i can comfortably wear it all year round! it even ended up being about the same price (because the original price was so much cheaper in the uk) and just paid slightly more for the alterations. tailoring is always going to be something that i invest in and it truly makes a difference, no matter how small the alteration is!

vest: zara (similar here)
dress: maggie marilyn (last seen here)
shoes: kate spade
clutch kate spade (old, similar here)
rings: henri bendel, go rings
sunglasses: celine

photos by lydia hudgens