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make the cut

i'm no stranger to tailoring pieces to fit my body better. as i mentioned here, i sometimes go as far as basically having a whole new garment created! this dress hit the awkward sweet spot between being a maxi dress/gown and being a midi dress on me. you know the one that hits just above the ankle? not a great look to say the least. so my instant solution was to have it hemmed! easy right!? well it would have been if it weren't for the pesky embellishments and the tiered ruffles. so i made a split decision and had my tailor cut the entire bottom section off...aka 14 inches!

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tailor made

working in the fashion and retail industry, i know firsthand that it is incredibly rare to get a perfect fit. there is always some tweaking that could be done to get the piece to fit just right. and for me that tweaking sometimes requires a little more manual labor than i would probably like to admit. in a world of sizes small, medium and large (or 1, 2, and 3...i'm giving you major side eye maje), those not included in those categories get pushed to the sidelines and i start getting creative.

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